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_degrassigrphx's Journal

Degrassi Graphics, Icons, Blends, Colorbars.
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Welcome! This is a community where others can view/share Degrassi related graphics. Please take the time to read the rules. I know I know rules suck but I want this place to be drama free. Thank you! Also I'm looking for some mods. If you have experience and would like to be a mod email me at lipstickmarkonurcollar@yahoo.com ;)

1. You may promote, but try to keep it related to Degrassi communities, I don't mind a few non-Degrassi related communities but no spamming, it's annoying. And if you promote with a pic please put it behind a cut.

2. You must credit if you take my graphics it's time consuming to make these dang things so please credit me. And if another member asks you to credit please credit them, it's not cool to steal.

3.Be nice to one another there is no need to flame. If you have suggestions let the person know but don't be down right mean about it all.

4.Other talk is welcome. You don't need to post just Degrassi graphics you can talk about pretty much anything.

5. Please put graphics behind a cut. And note if it contains "spoilers".

6. As far as spoilers go, I don't mind them as long as they are behind a cut and you state that it's a spoiler. As far as people not wanting to see them just don't click the link! lol. And don't complain if you see something you didn't want to it's not going to kill you if you happen to see a part of someone's arm from an episode you didn't see but I do understand it's frustuating if someone posts something major.

7. Promote when you can, you can put a banner on your info page.

8. There will be contests. Details about each contest will be stated at the beginning of the week after the time frame member or mods will pick the winners and they will be "featured" on the user info page :)

9. If you have ANY problems let the mods know!


special thanks to leather_maiden for the craig banner