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_degrassicsrpg's Journal

Degrassi Roleplay
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Welcome to _degrassicsrpg!!

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1. You must be at least 15 years old to apply. Exceptions to this rule can be made, depending on your maturity and RP experience. Feel free to talk to a mod about it before you apply.

2. Update at least 1-2 times a week, or you will be cut. We also ask that you are on AIM at least 1-2 hours during the week and 2-3 hours on the weekend. If this is a major problem for you, please contact one of the mods. We realize you are busy, and we understand, having lives ourselves.. for the most part. ;)

3. Comment on everyone's journal, whether your character likes them or not. This is a requirement.

4. Please don't tYpe LYkE DiS,yo. Use correct grammar and spelling. We want to be able to understand what you're saying.

5. Although you must have a journal with an entry up when you apply, you do not have to have an AIM screenname. If you are accepted, get yourself a screenname as quickly as possible.

6. If you are accepted, add all of the existing characters to your friends list, whether your character likes them or not. Also add the community and our subcommunity for IM logs: degrassics_im

7. If you're planning on doing something drastic with your character, let one of the mods (Brittany :: simplyellie or Leah :: sir_spinner) know.

8. If for any reason you can't update, let one of the mods know so we don't cut you.

9. OOC drama will not be tolerated. We're here to have a good time.

10. While you're free to contact the mods (via IM), please don't contact them unless you have questions, or anything of the sort. This does not include telling a mod your application is up, as we check the page frequently. Also, if the mods do not get back to your application after a few days, please do not notify the mods about this. Some applications just take longer to process, it isn't a bad thing, either.

11. So we know that you've read the rules, please place "The environment is not sexy, do not talk about it." in the "Did you read the rules" section on the application.

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We're starting: after episode 512 - The Lexicon of love Part 2. We are not following the episodes after that. If something happens in an episode that you want to include, go for it, but we're making our own storylines as we go.

As of September 12, 2006, Degrassi has just opened up for the new school year. Starting new with us? Write your entry accordingly. ;]

Promoting: Please promote this community so we can continue to grow and you'll have more fun! A banner was made and it can be found here, just make sure to follow the rules of wherever you're posting! We appreciate it.

Holding Characters: Putting a character on hold is not the same as automatic acceptance. But if you put a character on hold, we will wait until you have posted your application to make any final decisions. :]

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In School
Danny VanZandt
Darcy Edwards
Ashley Kerwin
Peter Stone
Chester Hosada
Chris Sharpe
Jimmy Brooks
JT Yorke
Liberty Van Zandt
Tyler Bishop
Toby Isaacs
Nate Sullivan

Out of School
Amy Cornell
Hazel Aden
Terri McGreggor
Dean Roberts

Characters that are bolded are the ones we need the most. :] Italicized means the character is on hold, but that DOESN'T mean the character is automatically taken. This isn't a first come first serve community.

We know that at this point the majority of the main characters have been taken, but don't let that stop you from joining us! With a little bit of development, even the smallest characters can be great.

At the moment, original characters are not being accepted. However, if there's a character who is/has been in the show that we don't have posted here, let us know! Chances are it's fine for you to apply for them..

..Unless it's Rick. Rick is still very dead.

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In School
Sean Cameron :: reformed_badass :: AIM: unbreakableSean
Spinner Mason :: sir_spinner :: AIM: sir spinn3r
Manny Santos :: mannysantosss :: AIM: mannysantosss
Emma Nelson :: emagine_love :: AIM: Emperfect0Emma7

Out of School
Alex Nunez :: sexxy_lexi :: AIM: Lexi luvs Paige
Ellie Nash :: simplyellie :: AIM: simplyelliexx
Heather Sinclaire :: hotlikewoah_xox :: AIM: hotlikewoahiknow
Aaron "Sully" Sullivan :: sully_owns_you :: AIM: look its sully
Jay Hogart :: jason_hogart :: AIM: Jay Did Your Mom
Craig Manning :: papa_gonemad :: AIM: xrockgodmanning
Marco DelRossi :: himynameismarco :: AIM: Hi Im Marco
Jessica Taylor [original character] :: beachy_jess :: AIM: xxJwaverunnerxx

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Questions? Suggestions? Shoot 'em this way.

simplyellie :: AIM: simplyelliexx :: Brittany
sir_spinner :: AIM: sir spinn3r :: Leah

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check out our sister community:

other affiliates:

Let us know if you'd like to affiliate with us. ;)