Welcome [new] fellow scholars--Application process

This is a brand new roleplay that we have created, seeing as with every other roleplay, the characters have been taken.

After this post, our community is going to be friends only. If you need to post in this community we require you to post it as a friends only post. Its up to you, if you want your Character's journal to be friends only or not.

We don't require you to have an aim screen name at the time you apply, however you have 24 hours from the time you've been accepted to make a screen name. Otherwise you revoke your character completely and our second choice will get the character.

If we think you are right for the roleplay, just not for the character you have applied for, we will ask you to try another character.

Please post the application in this post and this post alone, Also post with the journal you are applying with. We don't have time to go looking for your journal, nor do we have time for looking for your applications.

We will hold characters for only an hour, so if you ask us to hold it, you have until then, to apply. we will then either accept you, or reject you. HOLDING A CHARACTER DOES NOT QUALIFY AS IMMEDIATE ACCEPTANCE!

We ask that you read all the rules BEFORE posting your application. In the event that multiple people apply for the same role, we will go by who we think did a better job. This is not a first come, first serve community.

if you think you would still like to apply for the rp, then ..

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