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Degrassi RPG

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Anybody , Moderated
This is a roleplaying community for Degrassi: The New Generation. All things are to be said in character unless written on the OOC journal. Check below for the characters that are open. There are to be no fights, relationships, sexual content, and things like that unless all the characters involved have agreed to it, or if it's in the story line.

Also post at least once a month...it would be appreciated if you posted more but if things are hectic, it is understandable just try to post at least a paragraph.. If you are going away just post it and say when you will be back and you won't be kicked out.

Feel free to leave comments on any of the other members entries. It is a way for your characters to communicate and other things like that! I am sure that more rules will be added as time goes on but for right now thats about it.

You must join the OOC Journal as the abundance of OOC entries get ridiculous (Even though I wrote most of them) From the OOC Journal you can apply for a character!

FROM NOW ON THERE IS NO ADVERTISING! For an exception to this rule please contact me.

Site Guide:
RPG Journal - _degrassi_rpg_
OOC Journal - _degrassi_ooc_

10th grade:
Ellie Nash - _ellienash_ Or lostcause1124 (same person though)
Marco Del Rossi - blackmoon89
Ashley Kerwin - lilnena4u
Terri McGreggor - thats_n0t_cool
Paige Michalchuk - _little_willow_
Gavin "Spinner" Mason - faded_memories_
Craig Manning - stubbycow
Jimmy Brooks- OPEN

Grade 9:
Sean Cameron - degrassi_badboy
Manny Santos - stars_in_eyes
James-Tiberius (JT) Yorke - jt_dawg
Emma Nelson - runningsideways
Liberty Van Zandt - xo_libertybell_
Toby Isaacs - OPEN
Chris Sharpe - OPEN
Amy - OPEN

Grade 8:
Kendra Mason - OPEN
Nadia - OPEN

Grade 12:
Dylan Michalchuk - dylan_degrassi_

Grade unknown: (If you know what grade any of these characters are in please let me know)
Alex - blondeatheart09
Jay - OPEN

Archie "Snake" Simpson - OPEN
Christine "Spike" Nelson-Simpson - OPEN
Joey Jeremiah - OPEN
Caitlin Ryan - OPEN
Angela Jeremiah - OPEN