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i jus watched degrassi and its prolly a question that is asked alot but does anyone have any craig songs they are willing to send me?! i would love you forever.

my aim is xsweetlust and my email is dyeyungsveurslf@aol.com


need episode...

Does anyone have The Lexicon of Love Part 2, which I think is Ep 512? My computer has been in service since Part 1 came out, and I want to watch Part 2 before I move on to Together Forever...
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This is possibly my most random post here ever, seeing as it's about something that happened over a year ago, but I recently came across a picture of Adamo & Andrea at a mall tour signing from 2004, while searching for pics for my site. This confused me, because the only mall tour pics from 2004 that I'd seen of Adamo was the one in Glendale with Ryan Cooley. Turns out the Adamo & Andrea one was from Sep. 11 2004 in Omaha, NE...but I've checked past entries in basically all the major Degrassi communities, and the only posts I've found about it are from a few days before the event where people announced they'd be there...no one posting about going, or about having pics.

Soooo...here's my question...and I doubt I'll really get any replies, but I had to ask. Did ANYONE here happen to go to this, and have any pictures? I'm guessing probably not, since it was over a year ago, but if anyone did, PLEEEASE reply and let me know. The one pic I have from it isn't enough...besides...you can only see the back of Adamo's head in it. x]

Any replies would be greatly appreciated, and to anyone who may have pics from it, don't worry...I credit when I put personal pics in my gallery =]

-Jade Danielle

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so I was able to watch alot of eps when i went home this weekend from college.

what was the latest episode that was posted here? ihavent been watching because i was so behind =/