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Degrassi watchers!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Degrassi watchers!

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So muh for the switchover [31 Dec 2007|07:27am]
No big switch your channels over and such.

The last show on the old N was the Season 6 finale of Degrassi followed by an edited version of the music video for Love Song a top 10 hit by Sara Bareilles.

The first show on the new N was an episode of Instant Star No big shindig there either.

The cable guide has 223 listed as just Noggin and 224 as the N.
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Syndication [07 Sep 2007|04:00pm]
Has Degrassi started airing on broadcast TV in your area yet?

What market?

What station?

What time?

Where did they start?

Do you see an E/I on the screen during the show?

My case: Boston,WZMY Ch 50 the My Network TV affiliate, 4pm,Season 3, and yes.
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[06 Aug 2007|03:41pm]

I'm such a slacker of a mod lately and with degrassi.

I need to get caught up! Someone help.

I remember a few episodes before spoiler (for some maybe)Collapse ) but I haven't even seen where he spoiler (for some maybe)Collapse ) yet.
What season was that and what season are we on now?

Links for me to watch? Thanks guys!
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[15 Jun 2007|11:32pm]

Has CTV showed the new Degrassi episodes? if so, has anyone uploaded them???? I'm gonna be on vacation during the premier on theN, anddd although there should be reruns of it, i'd looove to see it ahead of time!?!??!
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Wenesday night! [25 Mar 2007|11:35pm]
So CTV is running NEW Degrassi right after Idol .

Will the N catch up?

Nope more reruns :(

The episode that airs this week supposedly takes place over Thanksgiving weekend.

With Thanksgiving in the great white north happening in early October and school starting in September,all the drama of season 7 has happened within one month's time.
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WAHHHHHHH [28 Jan 2007|07:30pm]

This weeks episode is so damn sad. I can't stop crying. I know, I am gay. LOL. I just can't believe it.
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Help? [26 Jan 2007|12:04am]

Hey everyone! for my adolescent education class we are doing a presentation (my group) on school violence and crisis. I'm trying to find the episode where Rick shoots Jimmy. PLEASE let me know the name!!! ALSO: if you HAVE the episode online somewhere~even better!
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Shameful Confession... [17 Jan 2007|04:34pm]
As much as I would like to attribute my love of Degrassi (all seasons and series) to some drug-induced side reaction or some alcohol-related withdrawal, I can't.

I love the freakin' show. It's almost like watching soaps and Degrassi has been my soap of choice since discovering it at 13 (or was that 12...eh, no matter).

Anyway, I just caught up on this seasons episodes and needless to say, I'm really sad that one of the core members is no longer on the cast. I actually cried at how it all went down. Not the acting, but the storyline developed for the write-off. It's funny because as far fetched as one would like to believe that the storyline is; it's actually really not too far removed from reality. Just because it doesn't happen on a day-to-day basis doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

I actually know someone that may have died in the fashion that this storyline built up to. Maybe not the literal carry-through, but the situations leading up to it.

It really was sad. Ok...I'm done now. Gonna go work on some stuff and then take more suspension fluid.

Took off today. I really needed the rest.

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So I'm a Little Late... [13 Jan 2007|09:47pm]
Is it safe to assume that episodes are no longer being posted on this community?
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???? [19 Nov 2006|06:24pm]

Isn't anyone going to post up the last two Degrassi episodes????? It would be nice to have them up here.
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Boo! [03 Nov 2006|11:48pm]
I got my Degrassi Season 4 DVD today.

Once again NO closed captioning and the episodes are in 4:3 format.

CTV shot in 16:9 as evidenced by the Jay and Silent Bob DVD.
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[31 Oct 2006|11:28pm]

Question!!!!! Who keeps accepting the posts into this community? As far as I know, I was the only active Mod in here. Sooo, who else is it? And how or why did you get on the mod thing. Just let me know cause I'm a bit confused!! Everytime I go to accept a post, it's already posted. Freaking me out.
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[31 Oct 2006|10:29pm]

[ mood | cold ]

So the other day I was channel surfing, and I was forced to stop on Disney Channel becaue I saw Shane Kippel (Spinner).  It's true.  Shane was guest starring on an episode of "Life With Derek".  He was the drummer in Derek's band.  I just thought it was ironic since he was the drummer on Degrassi as well.  Just thought you'd all like to know.

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This Is Driving Me Insane. [27 Oct 2006|10:38pm]

So, basicly what is being said is that I have to wait untill this time next week to see Eyes Without A Face Pt. 2? Does nobody have it? It truly saddens me that I won't even be near a computer this time next week to watch it...that is assuming that someone would have it up by then. Oh dear oh dear..Darcy is in big trouble...did she not hear what happened to Manny?
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[18 Oct 2006|08:27pm]

I just saw a commercial for Supernatural on the CW, and the actor for Matt Oleander on Degrassi is on the new episode! Check it out!
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she needs to go back and read the directions... [13 Oct 2006|09:53pm]

Ya know, as a Christian myself, let me just say that Darcy has it all wrong. I never much liked the character anyway, but I like her even less this season.

Tonight's episode went too fast.
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[10 Oct 2006|05:09pm]

Degrassi bases, comment and credit if taking!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

it so goes thereCollapse )
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[07 Oct 2006|11:23pm]

am i the only person who can't find any of the newer episodes online?? i looked at all the previous posts and i still can't find them uploaded anywhere! can someone let me know where i can download them? thanks so much!
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[07 Oct 2006|02:30pm]

does anyone know what song is playing in the background of last nights episode when emma and manny are at emma's and emma is looking for a shirt to wear to sean's court hearing?
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[06 Oct 2006|10:29pm]

Did anyone notice Emma's phone when she got the text msg from Peter?
Last episode she had a pink rzr,
and this episode it wasn't that..

.. did i miss something?
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