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Deep Ocean Icons

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**Created by NeferAmisi**

This is my fantastical icon and FO banner journal I said I was going to make about 6 months ago. I remembered to do it, so here it is. I named it Deep Ocean Icons because... I thought it sounded cool, and I had an idea for a layout before I named it. I made it open membership for now, but that will probably change, we will see who credits and who doesn't.


1. Please don't customize unless I say they are able to be, some aren't supposed to have text.
2. Credit, Credit, Credit. Its a very nice way to say thanks for the icon.
3. I will take requests until I either get too many that I can't keep up, or... I get too busy and would feel bad for making people wait a long time for things.

None at the moment, want to become one? Reply to my most recent post with your info.