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Names: Nicole and Matt
Ages: 22, and 21
Location(s): Currently, Brick and Old Bridge, NJ
Status of relationship: Engaged
How long have you two been together? almost 2 1/2 years
Anniversary date? Feb 1, 2004 :)
How did you meet? We met through a mutual friend Ken. We met at his house one day and started talking, and we became good friends. After being inseparable for 6 months one day he just leaned over and kissed me. We started dating that night... We have been together ever since.
How do you know you're deeply in love? Every time I look into his eyes and know exactly what he is thinking. Knowing that despite having to move 45 minutes away from each other to save for a house and wedding... we are just as strong as we were when we were together everyday.
Tell us a funny story about the two of you: Matt and I decided to have a fun spring break near home so we went to the city (New York) for the day and went to the museum and a Broadway show. We had fun and took pictures every single place we went. Well for one picture I sat indian style next to a native american exhibit, and as Matt went to go take a picture, a small child walked up to the exhibit and was looking at it. He didn't even notice me in my giant pink coat. Matt snapped a picture of it, and it is my favorite picture ever!
When I was an exhibit
Have you two had any obstacles that you've had to overcome so far in your relationship? If so, what were they, and how did you overcome them? We have gone through deaths, home problems, and various things that have come up in our lives together.. its hard to put into words how we overcame things.. its just unspoken. We are there for eachother no matter what, and go the extra mile when the other person needs you. If I am upset about something in the middle of the night, he will drive 45 minutes even if he has to be at work at 7am and vice versa.
If you're not already married, do you see marriage in the future with this person? we got engaged recently in April.. and I can not wait for our future together!
Would you marry them right now? Yes I would, but I think the date we set is perfect.. its in 2008.. just enough time to settle down in our jobs, save some money, and then start the planning.
What are some things you do to make each other feel special? Matt just told me that next weekend after he gets out of work, we are going to Niagra Falls, as a graduation present for both of us. (We just graduated college). So that's definitely something that made me happy, but our thing we do to make each other happy is scrapbook. We just started scrapbooking about a month or so ago, because we had this big bag of all the places we have been, tickets from movies and sports games. It had tons of pictures, and memories which we wanted to preserve... The scrapbook is so much fun to make. Every time we see each other now, we work really hard on one - two pages. And everytime we see eachother one of us usually had stopped at AC Moore, and got a cool new backgroud page, or stickers for a specific event. Probably sounds corny, but its really something that we look foward to!
Tell us a romantic story: Our first Valentines Day, we were only going out about two weeks... Matt took me out to dinner, and we went back to his house because he has made desert. When we got back to his house, it was filled with candles... and my favorite movie was sitting next to the tv. when i turned around to tell him how amazing everything looked he handed me a dozen white roses... my favorite flower. I don't know I always thought that was the best moment ever.
Has your s/o ever made you cry or mistreated you in any way? no...
Have you met each others families? Do you all get along? We have known each others families for a while now. He doesn't have any sisters so his mom treats me like a daughter, she even bought me a Future Mrs. with his last name on it shirt.. our families just recently met and they get along too. so it's all good :)
Have you or your s/o ever been unfaithful to one another? no way.
Question of your choice! Tell us something we haven't asked about, but is something you want to share! We lived together for nearly a year during college. The most memorable day was when he hit a 104 degree fever and I spent the weekend taking care of him. He was so sick that he nearly had to go to the hospital... I was so relieved when I finally got his fever to break. It definitely a memory that sticks out in my mind.
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Post some pictures of you two!
When Matt Proposed
the day matt proposed to me (in front of all our friends at a formal)
happy couple
same night, april 2006
photobooth picture 2004 :)

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