Heather (heffanator) wrote in _deeply_in_love,

The kitten found a home!

Matt found a kitten crossing the road on Tuesday(made previous post about this) and stopped and caught her and I took her into work today (I work at an animal clinic) with me and Jamie (coworker) was telling her best friends mom about my kitten, plus 2 more we're trying to adopt out and she had a co-worker and a neighbor that wanted a kitten and she wanted one also, because last Monday, her dog died at the clinic and that coming Sunday, her cat died so, it was adoption day pretty much. I was so giddy that she found a home the 1st day, but I was sad to see her go but I knew I couldn't have her. I had her looked at and dewormed and she should be back fsoon or vaccines and her spay! :)

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