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Names: Tara & Andrew
Ages: I'm 20 and he's 21
Location(s): Tallahassee, FL
Status of relationship: He's my chicken and I'm his dumpling ;) (boyfriend/girlfriend)
How long have you two been together? 1 year and 11 months
Anniversary date? Jan 23rd, 2004
How did you meet? We worked together at the same restaraunt but we didn't meet until a good 6 months after I started working there (he had been working there a year before I was hired.) My cousin (who also worked there) insisted that we would be perfect together. He became my manager before we started dating and basically my cousin was right. =]
How do you know you're deeply in love? Because he brings out the girly side of me. I want to look beautiful for him (even though he thinks I'm gorgeous in my PJs.) He makes me want to be a better person and to be the best that I can because he deserves that. He makes me feel special and loved every hour of every day.
Tell us a funny story about the two of you: One night my boyfriend and I awoke to a wet bed. We look at each other like "Uh oh, which one peed the bed?!" and upon further investigation we find an empty cup laying in between us. My boyfriend fell asleep while holding a glass of water. Silly kid.
Have you two had any obstacles that you've had to overcome so far in your relationshi? If so, what were they, and how did you overcome them? In the first two months of our relatioship I was scared. I was too afraid of getting hurt and of falling in love. I was foolish and pushed him away. We went a week without talking after this episode and it was the worst week of my life (and his as well.) I finally gave in to myself and my feelings and said "To hell with this! I want to be with him!" We've been inseparable ever since. =]
If you're not already married, do you see marriage in the future with this person? Most definitely. He told me last night that while he was home for Christmas he told his father he was going to marry me someday. =] I teared up like a little girl.
Would you marry them right now? No. We have both decided we want to get our degrees before we get engaged.
What are some things you do to make each other feel special? I cook him dinner and rub his feet after a long day at work. He cuddles me and snuggles me like no one else. He stops playing video games when I ask him to. (haha.) He watches my cat for me when I'm away- and enjoys it. He doesn't mind when I go weeks without shaving my legs (eww) and I don't mind if he goes weeks without trimming his beard. We do special things for each other every day. It's the little stuff that means the most.
Tell us a romantic story: I was away the weekend before Valentine's Day this year and when I got back into town he had rose petles all over my bed with roses and a card. It took my breath away.
Has your s/o ever made you cry or mistreated you in any way? He never, EVER treats me badly. I can only think of one occasion where he made me cry- and I was being an over-emotional girl.
Have you met each others families? Do you all get along? We have and we all get along great. In the next week he'll be coming down to visit with my family and afterwards we'll drive up to spend time with his.
Have you or your s/o ever been unfaithful to one another? Never ever!
Question of your choice! Tell us something we haven't asked about, but is something you want to share! My Grandparents love him so much that they're paying for him to go on a 7 day cruise with us in May. I think they want to adopt him. ;)
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Here we are tailgating before an FSU game:

At the game:

Out on the town:

We can be pretty silly:

But we can also be real sweet:

At Disney:

By Cinderella's Castle:


And just being cute:

Just last week at my house:

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