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Names: Ryan and Karleena
Ages: We’re both 17
Location(s): Ryan lives in Lockport, New York and I live in North Tonawanda, New York
Status of relationship: Dating
How long have you two been together? 1 year and 3 months
Anniversary date? September 27, 2004
How did you meet? I coached his little sister in cheerleading last summer. She told him that he would love me and how pretty I was, and then he started coming to games and practices. We told a couple times but we were both VERY shy. Eventually, I sucked it up and made the move by giving him my number. We talked on the phone for HOURS that night and started dating the next day
How do you know you're deeply in love? He is my entire being. I am consumed by his existence. I know he is the only person I could spend the rest of my life with. We are totally compatible. We finish each others sentences and we can just sit around and laugh together.
Tell us a funny story about the two of you: Well, this one is recent … we are the type who like to wrestle and horseplay a lot. We were wrestling the other day and I playfully went to hit him in the crotch (I never would have hurt him, I promise ) and I accidentally pinched him there. So we both started laughing and he started yelling “She pinched my nuts!!!” and I covered his mouth and was like SHHH!! My mom will get mad so we both just laid there and laughed until it passed and then we started wrestling some more and blowing raspberries on each others bellies (that’s my favorite thing to do to him )
Have you two had any obstacles that you've had to overcome so far in your relationship? If so, what were they, and how did you overcome them? Yes, he’s lived in 3 different homes since I met him and every time he moved he got a little farther away. When he moved the first time it was only about 10 mins away and my parents and his didn’t really mind driving me as much, but now he lives 30 mins away in the country, so both of our parents have limited our time together. It’s hard, but we make sure that we call each other to say good night and I love you every night before bed. It’s also kind of a good thing, because I get soooo excited to see him and when I do see him it’s wonderful.
If you're not already married, do you see marriage in the future with this person? I definitely see marriage in our future
Would you marry them right now? If we were financially stable and older, YES but right now, no.
What are some things you do to make each other feel special? I am constantly buying him little “just because” cards. He loves to take me out to eat whenever he has the money and he is always thinking of me when he goes out (example: I love Napoleon Dynamite and he was out with his mom and bought me a “Vote for Pedro” pin out of nowhere! It was really sweet and thoughtful)
Tell us a romantic story: One day this summer, we went to the river and got ice cream. We sat on a bench, staring at the water and we just talked about EVERYTHING: our future, our past, things we love about each other, etc. It was really romantic just having him gaze into my eyes and tell me everything he thought about me. I just loved it.
Has your s/o ever made you cry or mistreated you in any way? Yes, when we fight I cry but he doesn’t mistreat me. If he’s not thinking he might say something that would hurt my feelings, but I know it’s all innocent.
Have you met each others families? Do you all get along? Yes, I get along with his family great. His mom and I have our moments, but I believe it’s because he’s the oldest and she doesn’t want him to go. I understand so I do my best to get along with her. My parents adore him. I have a very joking family, so we often play little jokes on each other. Like for Christmas, my grandparents got him a case of peaches because he eats them ALL THE TIME!!!!
Have you or your s/o ever been unfaithful to one another? No, never.
Question of your choice! Tell us something we haven't asked about, but is something you want to share! We have cute little nicknames for each other. I have nicknames like DAR and PRINCESS. He is called PIERRE by my ENTIRE family because he has the same name as my brother, and since his middle name is Paul Robert, my mom decided it sounded like Pierre, so now that’s his nickname for life J
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com(he’s Freddy and Mr. Incredible is my brother)
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There is plenty more, but that’s It for now
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