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what a great christmas this has been...
christmas eve was the usual family thing at my house... a lil different without Pa around anymore, but not as bad as i though it would be...
then i headed to meet up with iannelli & friend & family.... hung out with him until the early morning and came back home so i would be here in the AM to open presents with the family...
my rents got me the digital camera i had been wanting! HOORAY! so you know i have pics! and i got some great stuff from my sisters too!
then my grandparents & iannelli came over for dinner...
iannelli was very ecxited about giving me gifts...
he got me a few stocking stuffers like yummy candy & and stuff... he also gave me this cute little raindeer and you squeez his hand and he does a lil dance while singing "grandma got run over by a raindeer" because for the christmas season i had that as my ringer for my cell phone and he hated it so when he saw it at cvs he knew he had to get it... it really is kinda cute LoL he also got me a little eeyore hot cocoa set that has raspberry cocoa, two mugs & a tin to hold the cocoa & marshmellows in so cute!

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i had been wanting these boots forever! they were way to expensive ($180!) and i had been waiting for the price to go down... i had mentioned them to iannelli about a month ago... and then again on wed because the price had gone down (about $70!) and i was gonna buy them after christmas if they were still there... little had i known he had bought them already! the boy is good he picks up on hints i never even meant to give!!! LoL

these pics don't do this next gift any justice! LoL
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so i went on KAY's website and found a pic of it...
Image hosted by

here is what the web site said to discribe it...1/4 Carat t.w. Diamond Pendant
Princess-cut diamonds are artfully arranged in the beautiful heart of 10K white gold. Suspended from an 18" rope chain. I LOVE IT!!

so yeah iannelli did a great job!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

and in other news...
- our trip to vegas is only 20 days away!!!!

hope everyone had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

EDIT: Sorry the pics are such large & strange sizes... i have no idea why... tried to fix them but no luck

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