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My Christmas!!!!...sorry its soooo long

Hope you all had/are having a wonderful holida whatever you may celebrate i hope you are all happy....mine was wonderful....with or without just glad to be back up in NY (live in florida for school with the fiance)

I cant upload the pics right now since i dont have the cord we need and we're at my parents house in NY, so for right now you'll just have to see generic pics off the internet so you'll get the idea....

    *  from zales

    *   my jerome bettis jersey( steelers)

    *   Cannon Rebel camera....not digital, just a basic camera bc i start photography classes jan 9th i need a basic film camera for class....later on i will get more for it, but this was what i wanted soooo bad :)

    *   a game for gamecube since I only have one ne ways haha and im an ex-soccer player and obviouslly a big fan...:)

    * Pirates of the Caribbean Calendar hehe since i love johnny depp and we were just down to the bahamas over thansgiving when they were filiming the last parts of the 2 sequels coming out.....

   From my parents and other realtives:

          * A deep fryer, since bren and I wanted one pretty bad
          * a picture of the Bird of Paradise Flower to go over our couch in the living room....reminds my mom of hawaii and she just got it to remind us as well :)
         * the 3 in 1 dessert center...makes smores, fondue, and ice cream stuff u can put in there....i wanted it bc i love smores and now i can make them at home too...ehhehe i know its lame

      * Another game for the gamecube from my brother
     * charlie and the chocolate facotory from my brother....another johnny thing ha
    * cept mine says "Soon to be Mrs. McMahon" in purple since those will be our mom got this from in case anyone wants to know
  * charm for my braclet that says bride
 * another charm with a picutre of Bill of the steelers and since i think hes cute for an older guy my mom had his picture put on it haha it was really funny....
* A new skillet and big pot from my grandma
* 2 new cookbooks from my grandma and a recipe book to put family recipes in from other people...thought it was really cute
* a couple gift cards
* The book "the wedding" by nicholas sparks (also wrote the notebook) and "5 people you meet in heaven" also (from in laws)
* blanket made of fleece with dolphins on it from my aunt (gift exchange through the family)
* candle set and starbucks card through other aunt who insists on buying for everyone even tho we barely see her ...haha its sweet of her though
* some jammies
* another fleece blanket
* a hawaiian ice maker haha since we had those a lot in hawaii and i got my mom one too so we both ended up getting one
* a shirt and jeans....

sorry its so long, was looking at the pile just typing what i could see....its overwhleimg bc i have so much this christmas....couldnt belive it and still cant

hope everyone has a great New year too....sorry again for the length and taking up your friends page

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