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Early Christmas Gift

Last night we went to his parents' house to drop off some food for Christmas preparation. I had been in a bad mood all day; stressed from Christmas shopping (still not done either), it's that time of the month, and just feeling a little blue (I don't think there will ever be a holiday where I don't feel a litle sad). Joey told me the night before that he hated my necklace, but he's told me that plenty of times before so I didn't think anything of it. I was sitting in the recliner relaxing and he told me again that my necklace was so ugly lol (which it really isn't, it's a pear shaped sapphire with little diamonds on the side but he says it looks evil for some strange reason!) and that he wanted me to go upstairs with him to take it off. I was like okkkk and followed him up to his old bedroom. He closed the door and was like take off your necklace! I didn't want to and he's like pleaseeee, so I started to take it off and he said to me, "If I gave you this, would you take it off?" and handed me a box. He opened it and it was the shooting star necklace he told me about!!! Remember the one I wrote about from General Hospital?? I was so surprised!!! He said that he looked all over for a similar necklace and spent time searching jewelry stores but couldn't find anything half as pretty, and because I was so happy he even thought to do that for me he said he HAD to get it. He told people at work the way I reacted when he told me that he even thought to do something like and they told me he definitely had to get it for me haha. It wasn't even the actual necklace that made me happy, it was the thought that went into something like that. I couldn't believe he really got it. It's so BEAUTIFUL. Joey's parents were laughing after he gave it to me because they knew about it all along and it was shipped to their house and came yesterday. When we left their house last night his mom tried it on haha! Here are some pictures of it, it's gorgeous!

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It looks big in the pictures but it's actually delicate. I can't believe he did that, I love him so much :)
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