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Application/ New

Names: Melly (not_o_fuckingk) and Nick  xcutxmexout

Ages:16 and 17

Location(s): Wilmington, Delaware

Status of relationship:Seriously taken

How long have you two been together?3 1/2 months, which I know isn't a lot, but you have to start somewhere. Plus we were dating before we made it offical.

Anniversary date? Sept 10, 2005

How did you meet?Well, we org. met back in 8th grade, but he was my ex's friend so we didn't really know each other or get along. I was on my friend's Alicia's myspace back in August and saw him and didn't recognize him at first, but added him, and then we started talking, and I realized who he was, and then met up and just hit it off.

How do you know you're deeply in love?I've been in love before and was actually in this community under the lj nameinlovewithhim96  with my past boyfriend Randy who I dated for a year and half, so I know what it feels like to be deeply in love from that,and now I can't even compare this relationship to my past one. There is no comparison.We see each other almost everyday,he's with me on the weekends, he gets along with most of my friends, he spends the night, we hardly ever fight, we just understand eachother.At first,I was more cautious, wondering... can I really trust him? How do I know if we're going to last? Battling with the feeling "What if I throw myself into this too fast and become hurt", etc, but then, you just fall. And it feels so comforting to know you have someone to rely on and care for and take care of. We're just so conntected and have so much in common, I'm just completely in love.

Tell us a funny story about the two of you:Well let's see...we're young:)So we love to do stupid things, like have snow ball fights, or like, when we go out to eat at our chinese buffet, which we do regulary, we'll do things like take a piece of food and go and smack eachother in the face saying, "Smacked you with my penis". I know it sounds stupid to everyone else, it's just one of "our things".

Have you two had any obstacles that you've had to overcome so far in your relationship? If so, what were they, and how did you overcome them? Actually, yes, it was when we first started dating, he already had a girlfriend, which when anyone reads this, they're going to be like whoa I know, but the situation explains it better. He and her met online, saw each other twice, she lived in philly then moved to georgia 2 months into the relationship, cheated on him countless amount of times, etc, so really, it wasn't a real relationship, but anyways, he was with her, and still had feelings for her cause they were together for about 5 months, so we struggled with him breaking up with her, and such, but finally, he decided to end it cause he had faith in our relationship and saw that theirs wouldn't work out. I could understand though, cause they laid out their future together, which is a hard dream to let die, but it was for the best.

If you're not already married, do you see marriage in the future with this person?We've talked about it, and are planning on it as of now. We're still going to feel things out since it is a new relationship, but that's our intention now. I would love to be married to him cause he's such a good boyfriend he treats me like a princess honestly he takes care of me so I could see how good of a father and husband he'd be.

Would you marry them right now?Yes, def. ♥

What are some things you do to make each other feel special?He'll just bring me flowers, randomly, not because it's our anniversary, etc, just because he loves me. I'll try to do things online for him, such as going to and making a picture for him saying I love him etc, also, when I had my job, I'd buy little thing for him also, such as a little glass dragon that says "I love you" on the background part and is holding a red little heart. We have our little things, such as "mr. moose time" which is when he lays on his stomach and I lightly touch his back which makes him make a moose sound honest to god he sounds like a moose! lol. That's why he is known as Mr. Moose to me and I'm his "Mrs. Moose" lol.

Tell us a romantic story:When we first started going out, we both got really really nasty sick. So, I was over his house and we took care of eachother and I'd rub his back when he threw up. I know, disgusting, but endearing:)

Has your s/o ever made you cry or mistreated you in any way?No, never.

Have you met each others families? Do you all get along?Yes, he's met my mom, I've met basically his entire family, his mom doesn't love me, but, his grandmother does lol. His mom doesn't like him though, so that could be it...

Have you or your s/o ever been unfaithful to one another?I explained about his ex girlfriend, when I was high/drunk once I kissed this guy which I regretted, he wouldn't leave me alone though, I would have never done it though if I wasn't drunk/high. I have made sure never to see him again.

Question of your choice! Tell us something we haven't asked about, but is something you want to share!Do you have a kid? NO! But, we're planning on getting a doggie together, so we can basically play house. He's going to move in with me when he's 18, so it'll be me, him, and our little puppy Martini. We just have to save up first for her!

Did you read the rules in the user info?Of course I did!

Please promote us in at least two places and show us links. Remember to only promote where promoting is okay. Do I have to do this again? lol. I own young_andinlove and I was in here before.

Post some pictures of you two! Yay! Camera whore time Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

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