Nikila (nikila) wrote in _deeply_in_love,

Question and stuff

Christmas is coming soon and im really starting to get excited!
This year we have decided to spend christmas with my family
since my cousin is pregnant and due anytime now and we'd like
to be with her around this time of year (our whole family goes to
my aunts house for christmas) Anyways what i was wondering
for those of you that live together, how do you decide who you will
spend christmas with? We can't even do a one day with my family
and one day with his because his family lives 4hrs away. I met him
In college so he had moved here for the 2yrs he was in school.
so ALLLLL of his family is there.

anyways yes so im super excited for christmas and im hoping that my
cousin has her baby before because a babys first christmas is always
so wonderful. and christmas is much more exciting with kids around.
Me and murray have bought each other little presents but nothing
to expensive since we rather spend the money on our son.
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