[.hate.your.way.] (cherryasian) wrote in _deeply_in_love,

I havent updated in a little bit.

Been caught up with family situations, but everything is all better and also everything has worked out for the better.

I have a concern...and i might sound crazy but....

Me and Richie have been...i dont know. Perfect?


He's been soaking me in love that i've never seen or felt before.
The way he talks to me, i can feel...i guess assurance? (pardon my misuse of words)

Tonight, he showered me with kisses. He's been doing that lately. He's been asking me alot if i love him and he's been telling me how he's mine and im his and how were going to have beautiful children cause half-breed asian children are hot. (i dont know)

but i dont know where this is coming from. i mean, I have NO problems with it, and im not complaining...but...

the change is so sudden and im just wondering where this is coming from.

...should i be worried? hmm...

in the mean time:

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