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Names: Nick and Amanda.
Ages: I'm 19 and he's 20.
Location(s): I'm in Gilbert, Arizona, and he's in San Diego. Only for a couple more weeks though!
Status of relationship: Engaged.
How long have you two been together? A year and ten months, just about.
Anniversary date? February 25th, 2004.
How did you meet? Through a mutual friend who's known us both for a long time, but technically, the internet since we live in different states.
How do you know you're deeply in love? I knew it from the very beginning. I just felt something for him that I never felt for anyone else before. He's my best friend, he knows me so well, and he's always been there for me. I know it's love because after two and a half years of knowing him, I still get giddy when I think of him. :)
Tell us a funny story about the two of you: Haha, I'm full of these. Last July, I went and visited Nick in San Diego, and met his family for the first time. One night, we were taking a shower together, and I was kind of iffy on doing that with his parents home because one, I just met them and two, I wasn't sure if they cared or not. So...we're in the shower and his dad knocks on the door. "Who's in the shower?" I looked at Nick and whispered, "Yeah, who's in the shower??" So he yells, "Umm it's me...I'll be out soon." Thirty minutes and one bruise on my lower back later, we were out, and it was not so subtle. The bruise? Take a wild guess.
Have you two had any obstacles that you've had to overcome so far in your relationship? If so, what were they, and how did you overcome them? Yes, we've had a small handful. Before we even started dating, we had a period where we didn't speak to each other. We cared about each other but neither of us felt confident about a long distance relationship (I was only 16 at the time). Feelings were hurt, and we threw it all away for about a month. But we worked on it and eventually decided we could do it. What else? Oh, we've been having issues with a "friend" of his lately. A few months ago, I made a post in my journal about some wedding plans we had come up with, and his friend commented and complained that I didn't mention his name. It was weird because I didn't even mention the guest list at all. So, he held that against me and has found any and every reason to be a jerk to me since then. Just last week I was like, "Look, let's put this behind us and start fresh, for everybody's sake." And he basically said he'd only be nice to me to please Nick since he was stuck in the middle, he didn't want to even try to be my friend again, etc. It put Nick in a hard place and even now I don't know how things will pan out for them. Whatever happens, Nick knows he has my love and support.
If you're not already married, do you see marriage in the future with this person? Of course. :)
Would you marry them right now? Believe you me. Even though we don't have anything ready right now.
What are some things you do to make each other feel special? He draws me pictures, I bake him banana bread. We write letters and leave each other little messages. He taught me how to play guitar, so we play for/with each other. He's really good at making me feel special. :)
Tell us a romantic story: This summer, we went to Mission Beach for an afternoon. We walked all up the beach to the pier that separates Mission Beach from Pacific Beach. Then we had dinner, and went back to the pier. We sat on a bench just to admire the ocean and the beauty it had to offer. Nick started saying all these nice things about me, like "you're a really beautiful person" and other stuff I honestly can't remember because of what comes next. He got down on his knee and I think I said something along the lines of "oh boy..". Then he said, "I love you so much Amanda. Will you marry me?" I said yes and cried like a baby. It was perfect, he knows how much I love him and how much I love the beach. So he got points for combining the two.
Has your s/o ever made you cry or mistreated you in any way? He has made me cry with a couple of insensitive remarks. I find that the ones closest to me are the ones who can be the most hurtful.
Have you met each others families? Do you all get along? Yes and yes. My family adores him and his family is so sweet.
Have you or your s/o ever been unfaithful to one another? No.
Question of your choice! Tell us something we haven't asked about, but is something you want to share! We're moving out soon! I'm flying there for New Years and we're packing him up and moving him to Arizona. He knows how important school is to me and he wants me to finish it here. And he wants to continue school when he gets out here and settled. We just need to be together, and it's finally happening soon.
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Post some pictures of you two!

In August of 2003. I know you can't see us, but I like the picture.

Right after New Years this year.

Spring break!

Right after he popped the question. :)

Sea World!

At his house this summer.

The same day.

When I was there for Thanksgiving a couple weeks ago. It's a bit blurry, sorry.

So, that's it. Hope you enjoyed this! :)
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