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Rules, rules , rules   
11:37am 13/06/2004
mood: I hope this turns out well

  • First of all, remind yourself where you are. anyone can see these enteries and so we want to keep violence and sexual stuff to a fauirly tasteful level. Keep sexual stuff down to a level of that for a PG 12/13 and violence to a level of what would be given a 15 certificate in a film. I'll delete all posts I feel go against this.

  • Next about behaviour here. you're not here to start arguments so try and keep decent - if you do feel an argument should be addressed then put it in the comments box rather then obstructing the actual Roleplay. if it really gets serious then you can E-mail me and i'll sort it out.
    my email is

  • While roleplaying be sensible. I don't want any Godmoding- especially in such RP's that attract this kind of thing (eg X-men). YOu ARE NOT all powerful EVERYONE has a weakness, everyone takes a punch. In your info form state the weaknesses ofg your chracter - even if they are just phycological. These can't be outrightly exploited - obviously the opposing chracter wouldn'y know these weaknesses- but trial and error on thier part can expose them obviously.

  • you can't directly infulence the other chracters and force them into things - for example if this was a dragonballZ rp you can outrightly kill someone with a Ki attack without the other Rper's consent, plus you can't fuse with them unless they want to. OInstead of saying:
    "Vegeta powered up his big bang and sent it crashing into Goku- killing him"
    "Vegeta powered up his big bang attck sending it out racing towards Goku..."
    that way the otehr Rper can decide what to do.

  • -please try to be literate and give some backstory to yoru chracter - no one's 2 dimensional

  • When or if you decide you don't want to Rp anymore please don't just say 'I'm going', can you somehow end your charcter or your part in the Rp - weather it's killing your chracter off or just simply running off. ^_~

  • also, please could you put your own comments or chatting in brackets ( )
    so that it doesn't interfere with the rp

A few quick rules for the current X-men Rp

~~both the origional X-men chracters from both the films and the comic are allowed and I actually encourage at leats 1 person to be one, but like the oithers plaese fill out a info sheet in case people aren't fully farmiliar with them
~~Humans are alowed to - and can be on teh x-men's side or the anti-mutant side
~~bad guys are needed as much as good guys
~~no mutant is all powerful

The info sheet
Origional or your own creation?:
mutant name:
Dress sense:
Mutant powers:
Good bad or neutral?: (eg with x-men, with magneto or unbiased)
A brief History:

thanyou so much for reaidng the above - it is important.
please post a quick message in teh comments if you agree to follow the rules so i know you've not just scanned and ignored them
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X-men roleplay opening...   
12:00pm 13/06/2004
mood: creative
~~ These times are dark ones for the mutants...

Magneto has recently been recruiting more foreces for his small army of bitter mutants bent on 'converting' the humans to the mutant way of life - weather this conversion be from human to mutant or life to death. It has become painfully obviouslky a war is on it's brink. humans have become more twitchy- and many anti-mutant organisations have risen to an alarming height- a group actually moving into parliment. More mutants are afraid for their lives and hoards are being arrested - many never seen again.
young mutants flock to xavier's academy seeking sanctuary after thier own families turning on them.
The X-men, the group of Xavier's fighting mutants are currently at the academy, watching the current events. Now mutant hatred has become political there is little they can do to prevent the hatred. Xavier has advised them to wait for magneto's first move - if he acts he not only endangers them further but also the humans; which xavier will not allow.
Fir the time being however, the restlessness is masked, the x-men concentrating on helping xavier rain students; but not just so they can control their powers...they train them to be ready for war.

These are tense times, the mutant race are on thin ice, and at some point it is inevitable that this ice will break.... ~~~~
Toni's info sheet   
12:11pm 13/06/2004
mood: creative
Origional or your own creation?: own creation
Name: Toni Williams
mutant name: dream
Gender: female
Age: 16
appearance: red hair
Dress sense: Japanese street fashion

Mutant powers:Toni's power is that she uses her entire brain - so she has a fenomenal imagination and slight phsycic intuition. she can actually concentrate so she can control all aspects of her body physically. If she grows ill she can instruc her body to conbat it- sending at will all that is needed. if a cancer grows she can phsically kill it by entering her own body with her mind to destroy it. Because of the ability to grow cells she has good healing powers if she concentrate on healing and she belives at some point with teh right training she would be able to prevent ageing for a long while.
This amazing understanding of her own body fuled by her imagination allows hernto actually grow new bones, skin and even manipulate new parts - liek feathers for example. She is especially proud of her ability to grow wings. She can change her physical appearance but is loath to do so in case she might forget how she was. Currently she simply enjoys regrowing her hair and stiffening it so it spikes about.
She needs to practice thourly so that she can grow things at a greater speed and now with xaviers help can grow wings within a minute.
he phsycic intuition camn help her see past events with great understanding if she is told of them in detail- allowing her to occasionally play them in her mind as they happned. however this ability is rare for her.

weaknesses:All thsi imagination and deep understanding of how things work she can fall into insanity. Xavier is trying to prevent her dping this as often. Usually she just had scarily vivid dreams - both in pleasent dreams and nightmares.
she still feels pain like any other, but repitiution of her growing skills can numb it somewhat

Good bad or neutral?: Good - she wishes to be an x-man

A brief History: At 10 her mutant powers were appaerent and the vivid hallucinations given by her imagination etc made it so her parents had to put her in an asylum for the insane. she stayed in tehre until she was 15 and developed cancer. by dreaming and wishing it would go and by imagining how she could defeat it she went into a trance and eventually killed it. She had grasped her power - realising it wasn't just insanity. at thius she escaped and fled to Xavier's acadamy where she has been stdying for a year.
12:25pm 13/06/2004
mood: *chomps on lunch*
**Toni looked out over the academy with a vauge interest- dipping her toes into the water of the swimming pool to cool them. The day was hot - as it usually was in America she'd noticed. a year ago she had come from Britain to here and despite the sadness she felt at leaving her roots she coudln't say she didn't enjoy the weather.
She smiled lightly and sipped some lemonade and held it in front of her to examine her reflection. With a snort she closed her eyes and concentrated deeply on changing her hairstyle - the cropped affair she had being boring to her now. The sounds melted away but for the gentle liquid sounds of her blood flowing to the rythm of her heart. her breathing all but stopped. She narrowed to the cells on her scalp- to her hair folicles and witha dreamy smile she instructed them to grow thickly. her naturally red hair gre and grew, coming so that it was shoulder lentytha nd thick- parts spiking out in a fashion only natural of gelled hair. she slowly drew herslf away from her body and came back to the world- the sound hitting her at once.
she held up her lemonade glass again and winked at her reflection.
"Very spiffing daaaarrling"
She said with a smirk patting it. she looekd out again, her mind quieting from a tiredness. finally she was at peace form her thoughts.
She drained her lemonade and placed it to the ground and dived into the pool.**