marcea (thefrigidaire) wrote in _deck_as_ef_,

Am I A Hipster?

name: Marcea
age: 15
location: Phoenix
://have you ever kissed someone of the same gender and often bring it up in casual conversation? No.
://do you spend most of your leisure time in bars and restaurants with monosyllabicnames like Plant, Bound, and Shine?
I spend quite some time in the record store Zia.
://does your hair look best unwashed and do you position you hair in such a way as to properly maximize your cowlicks? Yes.
://throw vegetarian dinner parties?
If I knew vegetarians.
://explain how your taste is "refined" and how you might be considered "exceptionally cultured": I enjoy art, philosophy, science, european culture, national public radio, and granny fashions.
://what is your guilty secret? I still own my N*Sync CD from 5th grade.
://have you at one time or another worn elvis costello style glasses? (ps. if you don't know who elvis costello is. die!) Yes.
://do you own a messenger bag? A couple.
://hairspray - yes or no? why? No, I use hair puddy. Hairspray isn't strong enough for faux hawks.
://have you ever even read the hipster handbook? Of course.
://pro or anti-SUV? Anti
://name one brilliant author: David Sedaris
://name one musician you admire and tell why: Sufjan Stevens because he is the modern day Bob Dylan.
://name a good movie: Rushmore
://when it comes to late night who lights your fire? Conan O'Brien
://who is your hipster crush? Matt Tong from Bloc Party
://deckest pick-up line? If you were a booger, baby, I'd pick you first.
://when you turn on the tele what do you see? The BBC/America channel.
://why do you think you're deck, why should we say yes?
I'm defnitely not a shitter and I can busy a moby like nobody's business.

:// post pictures now!

(psh, told you I could bust a moby.)



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