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name: stephanie
age: fifteen. a youngin'.
location: SoFla, if you will. or if you won't. i don't care.

://have you ever kissed someone of the same gender and often bring it up in casual conversation? i gave christina a hickey. it was funny. so of course i bring it up in conversation, casual or not.
://do you spend most of your leisure time in bars and restaurants with monosyllabicnames like Plant, Bound, and Shine? no for i am a social leper and spend most of my time in my House....which has a monosyllabic name, now doesn't it.
://does your hair look best unwashed and do you position you hair in such a way as to properly maximize your cowlicks? greasy bangs....mmm yes.
://throw vegetarian dinner parties? YES. my friends have recently gone vegan and i've been a vegetarian for a long time. just thought i'd throw that in
://explain how your taste is "refined" and how you might be considered "exceptionally cultured": i am an elitist bitch. (don't you adore my simplicity)
://what is your guilty secret? sometimes....ireadentertainmentweekly. FOR THE BOOKS, for the books. who doesn't like a good book.
://have you at one time or another worn elvis costello style glasses? (ps. if you don't know who elvis costello is. die!) yep...i know who he is...and i did indeed wear a pair of glasses styled like his...at one time 
://do you own a messenger bag? who DOESN'T? even those yuppies....
://hairspray - yes or no? why? yes..if used in moderation. coif abuse is a no no.
://have you ever even read the hipster handbook? i have, yes. but i don't own it. i think it's hilarious all the same....
://pro or anti-SUV? both my parents have one. isn't that sad. i'm anti...for environmental reasons. i've decided i'm going to buy myself a monster truck. or put massive wheels and a row of headlights on top of  my mother's lexus.
://name one brilliant author: e.e. cummings.
://name one musician you admire and tell why: physically, i admire julian casablancas. he is so beautiful and haunted-looking. but i really really love weezer. do they count
://name a good movie: fight club...my all time favorite
://when it comes to late night who lights your fire? i prefer books to tv, if that's what you're talking about
://who is your hipster crush? edward norton. eeeehhhahaha
://deckest pick-up line? i can't think of anything right now. (that wasn't a pickup line...) (obviously.)
://when you turn on the tele what do you see? PROBABLY whatever's playing on the home and garden network...i don't know why my little sister likes those shows like "How to Build a Deck"...
://why do you think you're deck, why should we say yes? because i am an elitist bitch. did you misunderstand me before?

:// post pictures now! ok!

uh yea i just took that but i ALSO found on my computer these pictures of some neat posessions i .... posess...

my favorite shoes...

and i thought this shirt was funny....

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