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Death Ray

Alternative Art Space

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All Members
What is Death Ray? Death Ray is an evolving art space, designed to give the participants a venue for their creative efforts. Ideally, it will function as both community and art show, hang out and open mike.

So what seperates Death Ray from other LJ art communities? Good question. I'm not sure anything does set Death Ray apart other then the work of the people who contribute to it. These are people who take their art seriously, even if it's just something they do to as a hobby.

Can I post my art on Death Ray? Currently, participation on Death Ray is primarily invitation only. If you have work you'd like to submit, though, please email me (the Moderator) and send me an example of your work. If it's right for Death Ray, you're gold.

Well, how do I know if my work is 'right' for Death Ray, smart guy? Easy. Take a look at the work of the people currently in the community. If you think your voice would fit right in, then give it a shot.

What kind of work can I post at Death Ray? You name it. Photography, illustration, comics, prose, poetry, links to music and movies you've created, pics of sculptures you've made. Death Ray accepts any and all mediums that can be displayed or presented on the internet. Again, if the tone or feel of the work fits our voice, you can submit it.

However, in an effort to maintain some degree of control over the size and service of the space, Death Ray does not accept the following:
1) Fanfic. Sorry, but there are other places for that.
2) Pornographic images, defined as any images that depict the commission of sexual activity. This does not include nudity or erotic art. In any case, any images that aren't work safe must be behind a cut with a warning.
3) Posts pimping other people's work. This is a site for your stuff. If you feel someone would be a great addition to the community, get them signed up and let them put up their work.
4) Any artwork or fiction depicting abuse (sexual or physical) of animals or children. There are, however, some cases where this definition can be argued and in those cases, I will make the judgement call.