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It's so appropriate:

the way we amplify the sound

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We're a Death Cab community. Yes, as a matter of fact, I do like to state the obvious, but some of you still neglect to grasp this simple fact, so let us just go over what belongs in this community.

  • Anything Death Cab related. Just because you mention the band's name in a post does not at all mean it belongs in the community. Discuss the band and it's members, post pictures, lyrics, show reviews, etc.

  • Reconstructed Death Cab apparel? Made your own? Whore that shit over here.

  • Post lyrics and some sort of special meaning they have to you, or just a line in general. You can talk about listening to Death Cab and having a "moment," I promise that happens.

  • Although I am the asshole moderator, feel free to mention Gibbard's other bands.

  • Some promotion is allowed, but the community (or whatever) must relate to Death Cab in some way. No rating communities, I will fight you to the death. No one cares how emoxxhawtxxlove you are. Hell, I'll even promote your shit here, just contact me.

  • Selling things are fine, as well, although the same rules as community promotion apply here, Death Cab/Gibbard related.

  • No intro posts or change of username posts, seriously, no one cares. Mention it in a post that actually pertains to Death Cab if you want, but don't waste community space, please.

    Death Cab For Cutie
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    Elsinor Records
    Sub Pop Records

    made by aperture_
    made by stripedxsweater
    thank you<3
    more coming soon

    coming soon

    Candace; necktiesocial
    YES, I'm an asshole!
    Get the fuck over it, it's the internet.