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Superchunk cover

Does anyone have the DCFC cover of "Kicked In" by Superchunk?  I must have it! I can't find it anywhere!

Please share! :) I have pretty much everryyyything else, if someone wanted to trade for it.


Postal Service question

I know this is a Postal Service question and I hope that's not considered blasphemy here, but I'm in need of a slow version of Such Great Height. My fiance wants it to be our first dance but a slower version than on the album (if such a thing exists). I know of the kind of creepy guy from Garden State, but she really wants a Postal Service version. I tried slowing it down myself but it really messes up the vocals. Anything, live, acoustic, etc. is fine. Thanks for any help.

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[13] The Decemberists
[14] Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
[09] Death Cab For Cutie; I Will Possess Your Heart Video
[09] The Office (US); Weight Loss
[07] Spring Awakening
[04] xkcd
[04] Banners; I Will Possess Your Heart Video
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I saw Death Cab in Atlantic City last night.  They were absolutely amazing.  They left me speechless and on the verge of tears.  They were recording for some show/radio station so in a few days be sure to check out the videos.

btw- Saint Vincent, the opening band, not too shabby.

I still can't believe how amazing they were!