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Finally something for my crap computer! This was sweet of them.
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For Fellow Fans...

((I hope this plug is ok ♥))

If any of you guys are interested in joining an "off-LJ" White Stripes community. Please check out Candycaners: A White Stripes Forum. I'm one of the two admins there and we've only really got two active members so far. I've done most of what I can to make the board look eye-appeasing and will also be cleaning up to make room for some good topics.

And to make this post deal with the White Stripes (and not a forum for fans of theirs).. I shall include my detailed opinon I wrote on the White Stripes a few days ago.
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Stripes on 100 percent.

(thanks for reminding me another_slender ).

it's a great interview. if your a hardcore stripes fan you wont learn anything new, but it's just great to see them setting there, on film... speaking. well, meg doesnt say much as usual... i think she's asleep through part of it. but still, you get the idea. footage of the new tour that i didnt know existed. i'd like to see if i can find that anywhere. anyway, i cant really say too much because it's only thirty minutes long and i wouldnt want to ruin the point of watching it for you, so try to catch it in sindication.

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THe White Stripes are the featured artist on FUSE's show 100%. It's showing all this week, I think the time is 8:00pm..but I can't be sure. I haven't seen it yet, but from the commercials it looks to be a really interesting interview! Just letting you all know in case you didn't before!
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Earlier I mentioned that there were some things I wrote down and they aligned up with what my director has been saying. These are not exact quotes, but rather the meaning I found in the quotes.

TWS: "It's better to build creativity, not number."
My Director: "I'd rather have a band of 10 who give 110% and have heart then a band of 50 with people not outputting."

TWS: "We shock some people with the sound coming out of two people."
My Director: "We're a 1A Band, but we can still play with the intensity that would make us sound like a 5A band."

TWS: "Trick the audience into listening to the 'story' rather than just the song."
My Director: "Instill an emotion in the piece, get the whole story across and not just a few sentences."

I'm sure there are quite a few more things that match up. If it worked for the White Stripes, why can't it work for a High School band who has a director that has just as much passion into music as Jack does ((in alike and different senses))?
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