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_deadsy fan community_

this community was made for deadsy fans to post:

/favorite song

just whatever DEADSY related.

_also if there is a band that you think that the rest of the community would be interested in feel free to post about them. bringing new music to people's ears is pretty great.

_community promo: i don't really have anything against it because you do want other people to join your community. please just keep it to one post. if you advertise your community more than once the others will be deleted.

_don't be assholes or pick fights with people. if anything of that nature happens you will be kicked out of the community. i don't really know why there would be any sort of dispute. anyways that's pretty much it.

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_tour info:


_band birthdates

!alec _04/25/75
!dr. nner_03/29/74

_owned: boyfuck