Need help finding a few songs..

I know no one has been in this community for a long while but maybe someone will see this.

Does anyone have or know of where to get the following Deadsy tracks...

"My Only Friend"
"Strength Of Mind"

if you do please let me know, I'll trade you out some rare stuff, thanks

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This is lame but...I'm just stopping by to say hello cuz i just made this journal and i need friends. And figured the best places to find my idea of quality people(legions) is to post in the Deasdy communities. So...anyone who wants to feel free to add me.

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For those who don't know, Deadsy has posted a full version of Asura on myspace...I suggest you all go check it out!

Here is an update to acompany it!

We have updated the profile to include 3 full version songs. "Asura" from Phantasmagore, "Tom Sawyer" and "Key to Gramercy Park" both from Commencement. We would greatly appreciate it if you added one of our songs to you page in the start of the war we now wage on Modern Music Drones!

The end is nigh...
So begins the Revolt!

The Army of the (R)EVOLUTION
The Legions of UNDERCORE
The Warriors of the BLACK DREAMS

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Posted on Myspace.

We thank you so much for the amazing support, great messages and the long standing all empowering devotion. There is nothing in this world like The Legions, we have come through the vortex and stand now as you see us. An amazing force from beyond which cannot be confined by the modern world. We thank you for being there with us, for standing as our Army of the (R)EVOLUTION . We are recording a huge number of songs, many of which will not in fact appear on the record but will be made available to The Legions as soon as we wrap up recording. We understand your impatience over the long wait for this record, You must understand our desire to make an album worthy of The Legions, worthy of ourselves and worthy of what we intend to do in this world.

The wait will not be forever, time draws near
Stand tall devoted Legions of the UNDERCORE.
Army of the (R)EVOLUTION.

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