Random short piece...

The light in the water is diffuse, blue, almost ethereal. I dont recognise the hand passing through it, not for a moment, and then i see that it is mine, pale and blue-tinged, a tiny fish in a large sea.

Stroke. Stroke. Breathe, stroke. Three laps, four. Stroke, stroke, breathe, stroke.

Thought is impossible, in between the necessity of counting, of needing to count the laps, to measure the exactness of each stroke. It cannot vary, or i will lose the whole day. Each stroke a perfect mimic of the last, arms and legs moving in precise circles, a dance practiced three times a week since i was a teenager. Five laps, six. If i dont keep track, how can i verify, how will i know if i did well today?

And, more than anything, it stops me thinking of you. Stops me analysing everything you ever said to me, wondering if you meant it as a friend or as something more, wondering if i'll ever get the guts to tell you that i really like you, wondering if our friendship is worth risking on the gamble that you'd ever feel the same way about me.

Eight laps, nine. Stroke, stroke, breathe, stroke. The water carries me along, smooth and quiet, bourne along on the bright blue light. Cutting through everything, with my clear, precise strokes to oppose my clouded, muddied mind.

*note: please excuse my bad grammar, this was more of a stream-of-consciousness thing...


when day is gone
and night rules all
he is drawn
by hunger's call
through the shadows
he travels
the cold wind blows
as the moon glows
and this devil
with pale cold skin
his touch lethal
now begins
to find mortals
and put an end
to blood-lust
that grows within
but first he must
hunt for prey
to get the blood
and fill his veins
this desire
gives him life
eternal life
a vampire.


I'm Kruegerchic and I'm a newbie. My favorite movie is Dead Poets Society and I really love Robert Sean Leonard. <3

And I love Robin Williams! ^_^
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These dreams keep me up at night
Too afraid to sleep
Too tired to stay awake
Slowly, so very slowy
I drift to a troubled sleep

Friends and family dying
While hopes and dreams lie dead
The love I thought I had
Lays broken at my feet
A solitary gravestone
Simply waiting for its corpse
And from the church
An oaken box arrives
Inside it's lid lies me

These dreams keep me up at night
Too afraid to sleep
Too tired to stay awake
And sometimes I wake up with
Tear drops falling down like rain
underwater light
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Poem: Fault Lines

Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Fault Lines

i. "Something has happened -
you have to

ii. He puts his face to the glass
and whispers to the sky
the news
of your living.
This is before I arrive
in the soft tempest,
before the world is shaken - the moment
he is alone without you
and urgency is both muted
and terrible
in the tenderness of snow.

iii. The fourth evening I
spent alone;
the thought of you stalked me
in my progress through my small rooms,
lame and mocking
as a ghost.
By then we were used
to making shapes
in the air where you should
have filled it,
describing with our gestures
your place
so it was not easy to forget.Collapse )
La Belle

New Here

Hi, I'm new here, so I thought before I posted this, I'd make a brief statement. I write mostly poetry, but some prose, and am always happy with comments and suggestions. And if you ever feel like giving me a challange, I'mmore than willing to comply. So, without further ado...

Autumn EveningCollapse )

Ciao, bellas!
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I feel tired and old, wrung out
left to dry in an unforgiving wind
my nerves scream silently
while my mouth
my mouth has no words left to give
beaten, maybe broken
even i don't know what is left of me
you see me, you walk on by
I hear your steps quicken
just another unfortunate
another sorry soul thrown to the dogs
and now I'm outta sight outta mind
but I mind, I mind
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The Rape of Patroclus (gay themed)

All I wanted was everything
To be the man that men admired
A nightingale to one time sing
To make my words make not a liar
I would I did but come and go
Talking of Michelangelo
But other tasks would dry my spring
For goals where dreams were not required

What is masculine I’ve made truth
Achilles’ strength I’ve made my own
I’ve killed two men and played uncouth
And fearsome facades have I shown
But still there’s love that knows not me
Hidden surreptitiously
Among the softness from my youth
In my hairy house now called home.

When we set sail for windless Troy
Yet me but an apprentice still
I thought I might perhaps enjoy
The favor of Achilles’ thrill
Though under Troy’s bright lusting sun
A different Helen lost and won
Herself to be a maid employed
By fair Achilles’ love until
Old Agamemnon lost his prize
And in attempt to save strong face
For Briseis did he compromise
Stealing love from lust too disgrace

So when on me his armor fell
The boy inside away was shoved
Me instead for on her he dwelled
The girl my lover instead loved
A savior I thought I could be
In chivalry I saw glory
But now for me the toll bell tolls
That I’m more fit by fire gloved

In Troy was honor to be had
That the oracle told us true
Men chose to die of honor clad
But I’d have rather lived life through
Till I could sing the song I dreamed
When my boyish eye on glory gleamed
Though now I’m done I may be glad
And readily bid life adieu