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more from me

here are some more poems from me. please, i would like to know your interpretation of any of my pieces. i'd like to know if any of them related or spoke to you in any way. thanks! also, if you have any questions about them (what they mean, symbolism, etc.), feel free to ask. you can drop me an e-mail at

*The Divorced Child*
Like a castle, an army fort
Strong and tall
But like Jericho’s wall
If you yell loud enough, I will fall
I’ve fallen captive to the memories
That prance around my city limits
Saying how they’ll tear me down
Crumbling every brick and stone within it

Looks like I’m surrounded
By the pain about my past
It wasn’t even my fault
Why must this haunting last
Crunched into a ball, like a little child
Hiding from the sightings filed
In my head
That leave me dead
Without you

I made it through the day ‘n’ all
Night comes so fast
But the nothing will last
When my brain does blow in a single blast

*Drunken Manslaughter*
As I stared into his hazy blue eyes,
I felt a familiar flutter of butterfly wings,
a scramble of emotions I had felt years ago.
The breaths I took grew longer and larger.
His thoughts grabbed onto me tighter
as the minutes rolled by.
We stared at each other,
seemingly unclear of what would be said,
but completely aware of the words in one another’s minds.
His body grew warmer from across the counter.
I saw his steam filming the plastic wall that separated us.
Something that was never meant to happen, but did.
Events that left us both confused and doubtful,
but without hope, nothing is possible.

*The criminal*
It was late one summer,
The night that I fled
Whispers of freedom,
Echoes from the dead
Quickly and cautious,
I ran straight on
Dusk to dawn,
Moon to sun
Uncanny as it sounds,
No one chased quite yet
If they knew that I’d gone,
Their beds would be wet
Morning thus brought,
An event I despise
A victim I saw,
Looked him right in the eyes
He stared back at me,
As I pulled out a gun
He pulled one on me,
Fast and not fun
I felt that cold shot,
Even though that he missed
It was my pride and the grass
That his bullet had kissed
I shot him not once,
But three times in the chest
Then whispered did I,
“This is what I do best”

*The Evil Twin*
Last night I saw a ghost.
He was looking right at me.
His dark hair and cold skin
Was, at first, all I could see.
As my eyes began to settle
Promptly on his face,
I noticed an unusual mark
On an unusual place.
I asked this ghost, "Who are you?"
And I asked, "Where are you from?
Is there something that you need?
For what reason did you come?"
He touched my face and smiled.
With his hands, he stroked my hair.
His response to all my questions
Was much more than I could bear.
He said, "I am someone
Who commits your every sin."
He said, "You know me.
For I am your evil twin."

*American Trash the poem chapter one*
(based on a book i am writing)
I hear the women talking, calling their period a curse from Eve
But I view it quite the different, as it saved a girl like me
My daddy was a rich man, well-respected from the town
Always carried a great fortune, whether the stocks were up or down
Little did they know, he had a lustful eye
For long blonde hair, pretty blue eyes, and young forms at nigh’
And little did my momma know, that the eye he had for me
Was greater than the one for her, when I was only three
It happened every night, as my mother went to bed
“It’s best you keep this secret,” is what he always said
But late one June, something happened for the best
I became a woman, and laid my pain to rest
I mark that day a holiday, for the whole rest of my days
For my father never again, touched me in unclean ways
Sometimes he’d make me touch him, but that would also quit
And after six whole months had passed, his wrists were finally slit

more to come...

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