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Poem: Fault Lines

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Fault Lines

i. "Something has happened -
you have to

ii. He puts his face to the glass
and whispers to the sky
the news
of your living.
This is before I arrive
in the soft tempest,
before the world is shaken - the moment
he is alone without you
and urgency is both muted
and terrible
in the tenderness of snow.

iii. The fourth evening I
spent alone;
the thought of you stalked me
in my progress through my small rooms,
lame and mocking
as a ghost.
By then we were used
to making shapes
in the air where you should
have filled it,
describing with our gestures
your place

so it was not easy to forget.
My books were no solace -
the milk curdled in my tea.
In weariness I went
to my bed
and saw you standing quietly,
at dreaming's far shore.

iv. That dusk
tripped over its own feet, stumbled
without grace and darkly, went muttering
into our halls.
But how to put out
this ungracious interloper
when in the cavity of your chest
warmth still pumped
and flew?
How could we reconcile the rhythm
we saw patterned and
repeated in the city, silver fronds
in the shadow of a lamppost
quivering and rocking
in the gust from passing traffic,
in the flight of
geese, in the path of brown
ducks on the river,
how we knew you were there
and watched for signs
of you
where no-one else could see?

v. The seams of our lives
stitched by your absence,
that hems our longing
that sews the borders of
our hearts
like a pocket,
or a purse.

By now
you must know something
of seams,
of fault lines.

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