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Deadly Weapons

A Kimberly/Archer community

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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to Deadly Weapons -- A Kimberly/Archer (or Archer/Kimberly) fan community. This is a yaoi community, (sex and/or relationship between two men) so if that's not what you're looking for then you're most definitely lost.
  • Be polite -- Everyone has their own idea of what's good and what isn't. If you don't like something, then keep it to yourself. We don't need drama. If you have a problem with someone, please contact one of the moderators. Any flames will be subject to deletion. Repeat offenders will be banned.

  • Use an LJ-CUT. Some people are on dial-up. Some people are at work. Some people might not want to see your entry. Whatever the reason, please be courteous and put all images/fic behind a cut.

  • Label Spoilers -- this is pretty self-explanatory. Not everyone has seen the whole series.

  • No Off-topic posts -- Yes, this is a Fullmetal Alchemist related community, but it's one specifically for Kimberly and/or Archer. Please make sure your posts have something to do with one or both of them.

  • Introductions -- We do not ask new members to introduce themselves when they join the community. Feel free to introduce yourself the first time you post fic or art, but for the sake of members' f-lists, please don't make posts that are solely introductions.

  • Special Clause: Fanart -- Fanart theft and Icon theft will not
    be tolerated. If you post a picture or an icon, please make sure you are
    the original creator, or have permission from the original creator. Not speaking the original creator's language is not an excuse. Using stolen icons/fanart will be cause for ban -- we want this to be a safe community for all artists.

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