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The Themes and Titles

from "狂白愛祭"

フランク・アーチャーで10のヲ題 "10 Themes on Frank Archer"
01. 地獄篇 "Inferno (from Divina Commedia)"
02. トリガーと指先 "Trigger and Fingertip"
03. 知将 "A Resourceful General"
04. PlAy A loNE(孤軍奮闘) "Play Alone"
05. 戦略会議 "Strategy Council"
06. 真夜中のハードバップ "The Midnight Hard Bop"
07. 凱歌(おお友よ、この様な調べではない!) "Paean (No My Friend, The Melody Sould Not Be Like This!)"
08. この紙切れ一枚 "This Mere Piece of Paper"
09. 傲慢 "Arrogant"
10. 彼は振り返らず "He Does Not Look Back"

from "狗哭MB"

アーチャー受10TITLES "10 Titles on Archer as the Uke"
1.青白い肌 "Pale Skin"
2.声 "Voice" 
3.独り身 "Single" or "Unmarried"
4.休日 "Nonwork Day"
5.軍の本分に忠実な男 "The Man Loyal to the Province of the Military"
6.お高いプライド "Mighty Pride" or "High Horse"
7.後釜 "Replacement"
8.映える痣 "Pronounced Bruise"
9.非力 "Weak"
10.野心家 "Ambitious Man"

キンブリー受け10のお題 "10 Titles on Kimbly as the Uke"
1.爆弾狂 "Mad Bomber"
2.掌 "Palm"
3.獄中生活 "Life Within the Walls"
4.看守と囚人 "Prison Guard and Prison Inmate"
5.魔性 "Devilism"
6.長い髪 "Long Hair"
7.泣き顔 "Weeping Face"
8.歪んだ笑顔 "Distorted Smile"
9.「愛している」と言ってみる "Have a Go at Saying I Love You"
10.紅蓮 "Crimson"

from "苺パンツ弾道ミサイル"

キンブリーの記憶、 10のお題 "Memory of Kimbly, 10 Titles"
(It can be either Kimbly's own memory or someone else's memory of Kimbly)
1.ポッケの穴 "Hole in the Pocket"
2・あれはだれだ "Who's that?"
3.母心 "Motherly Love"
4.毒は惜しみなく "Poison Does Without the Least Regret"
5.うたをうたおう "Let's Sing a Song"
6.食えません、こんな。 "I Can't Eat This... This Thing!"
7.震えるまぶた "Quivering Eyelids"
8.こんにちはの女 "The Hello Woman"
9・闇夜のカラス "Moonless Night Crow"
10・それでもあなたが大好きでした "Still Loved You Anyway"

from "金時" (Kintoki)

キンアチャ新婚20のお題 "20 Themes on the Newlywed KimblyxArcher"
1.結婚祝 "Bridal Gift"
2.ペアルック "Matching Outfits"
3.共働き "Dual Income"
4.ゴミ出し "Taking the Garbage Out"
5.家族 "Family"
6.詮索好きのお隣りさん "Nosy Neighbour"
7.夫婦喧嘩 "Matrimonial Quarrel"
8.料理 "Cooking"
9.姑 "Mother-In-Law"
10.怪我 "Injury"
11.ゴキブリ "Cockroach"
12.エプロン "Apron"
13.甘やかす "Cosher"
14.お疲れさま "You Must Be Tired"
15.結婚指輪 "Wedding Ring"
16.とりかえっこキャンペーン☆ "The Exchange Scheme"
17.荷物 "Package"
18.チャーミーグリーン "Dishwashing Detergent"
19.惚れ直す "Falling In Love All Over Again"
20.夜 "Night"

from "キンアチャ同盟" (the site doesn't exist anymore)

キンアチャ・オフィスラブお題 "KimblyxArcher Office Love Themes"
1.書庫 "Book Storage"
2.食堂 "Cafeteria"
3.研究室 "Laboratory"
4.便所 "Restroom"
5.医務室 "Sick Bay"
6.射撃訓練場 "Indoor Firing Range"
7.浴場 "Bathhouse"
8.仮眠室 "Napping Room"
9.酒場 "Bar"
10.車内 "In the Car"

I think...(pant) this is all...(pant) that's out there (gasp!).
Sorry for the annoyingly long list, but I honestly didn't think there were THIS much out there!
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