Daeva from the Soil (tomoe_daeva) wrote in _deadlyweapons_,
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I'd like to la-la-la-la love you..!

Damn, the legal hour devasted me.
My mom kicked me on a leg and it still hurts.
And y!G is unavailable 'til 1st of April.
My mood is horrible, so here's some mecha-guro-porn (really, if you can't stand that stuff DON'T WATCH!). The coloring is crappy for the same reason.
WARNING: NC-17 for yaoi and weirdness.

Fortunately today I was able to buy a Philosopher's stone X'DDD
When I found this I scream all around the shop something like "WAH! THAT'S THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE! INFINITE POWER! MINEMINEMINE!!!!!!!!

...I hope this will help with my last fanarts' coloring X'DD
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