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Fic: "The Fundamentals of Comradeship"

Title: The Fundamentals of Comradeship
Authors: A boopkit & tomoe_daeva MSN collaboration
Pairing: Arckim, of course XD
Rating: NC-17, I think ò_o
Warnings: Well, I suppose our English sucks XDD If you find errors, mispellings and other horrors don't hesitate to tell :D This is an AU ffic: it's about Archer and Kimblee at Ishbal. And yes, they are ranked Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel the same (blame my wife and her total careless for storylines XD)
Word Count: 2189
Notes: Well, this had to be a gift by boopkit to me, but this morning she contacted me saying "Weeh, let's write the fanfic together!". I knew this meant I have to say goodbye to my gift XDD Anyway it was funny :D
I tried to underline my point of view about the relationship between Archer & Kimbley, at least I hope you'll find it interesting.

The Fundamentals of Comradeship

"Oh god, here you are." Archer barked to a slimy back of a soldier who was helping himself with the beverages in the middle of a big soldier tent.
"Just where the hell have you been, I was looking for you for the last two hours, you fuck of a subordinate."
"Hey, heey hold your horses Archer, I AM the one who is doing your stupid attacks on pinpoints you nonchalantly scribbled on a map, killing masses in the middle of a freaking Sahara!". After two gulps of water, he slightly slammed the tin glass to the table. "So what is the fuss, do you need my skillful art as an alchemist again?"

As Kimbley was talking his nose up in the air, looking at the map plastered on the tent, Archer made his move to lean at the long beverages table, to speak more undertone.

"The thing is, I was looking for you to pump me up with ideas. I know you are as clueless as a monkey when it comes to military business and special operations held for war, but you know, the last 'booms' you made really gained advantages for our regular troops who was walking to the scene from the north. As much as I am a modest man, I did not interfere with your over-exposed actions on your so-called fellow soldiers, so your 'bombs', they were the best thing for our side's sake from the beginning of war, I give you points for that." said Archer, in a toneless voice.

A little snort was offered from Kimbley, then a sloppy salute; "Ah thank you very much for the kind compliments, Colonel, sir". Simply turning around and leaning to the table,he spoke "Just tell me, how the fuck can you ask me for my precious ideas for an assault on a certain field? You know that I'm not a swing-your-tail-get-a-command guy like your other dogs, I kill whatever I want, we are-" he smiled to an invisible point between his feet "- in a war,after all."

Archer lifted an eyebrow with a surprised smirk on his face "My, my. Are you offended because I asked you to be my right hand and a close colaborator..?"
"Oh! I thought I was ALREADY your right hand and close colaborator, sir. So you really considered me as one of your dogs!".
Kimbley smiled. He was just acting upset to have some fun with that shit Colonel.
At first he thought he was a nice guy, but now his burocratic fetishism and obsession for useless particulars drove him crazy. What was the fuck with him, a simple executor of orders, if his superior had such an urge to demonstrate that his dick was bigger than Mustang's? That's not in his business!
"I know what are you thinking about, Crimson Alchemist" Archer commented the long pause of silence of his subordinate "And you're wrong. As I told you, I just consider you one of my best elements, that's why I'd like to be more intimate with you."
"You said 'intimate'? So suck my cock, sir!"
Archer answered by pointing his gun to Kimbley's testicles.
The Crimson Alchemist was sort of amused by such an authorative act "Whoah. You're sort of cool, sir."
"I don't know what happened to you in this last period. You look too much undisciplinate for my tastes, Lieutenant Colonel. Maybe are you a bit too tired of all this fighting? Maybe will you prefer to take care of some paper works, instead? " Archer pressed the barell on Kimbley's manhood.
The Crimson Alchemist turned out serious. Not for the menace on his cock, of course, but for the sort of blackmail about his "work": "Colonel", he said "If you dare to do that I swear I'll fucking kill you."
Archer smirked "I suppose I have to rieducate your boldness, Kimbley, and teach you the fundamentals of comradeship."
Kimbley smirked back "Like you can, you bloody bastard..."
Archer put the gun back in its holster, spreading a hieratic aura. He took a pair of steps to stay closer to Kimbley, just at a bit from his body and lips.
"What if I report to superiors about the mess with your *BOOM* accidents involving your comrades and I order to cut your stupid hands apart from your body as an exemplar corporal punishment..?"
"You will never order something like that." smiled Kimbley.
"Why not? I'm in the Martial court, you know. Investigate and punish is my job."
"You'll never sacrifice your right hand."
"Do you really think so? You're just useless as right hand if you don't obey me."
"If I'll be punished you'll just look as an incompetent leader." Kimbley answered.
"I never wanted to be a leader, bitch." whispered Archer "Just an hero. You get the difference, neh?"
"I piss on your heroism, Colonel. The most I know you, the less I like you."
"I don't need your affection or sympathy, soldier. I don't need your respect neither. I only need your FUCKING ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL obedience, you get it..?"
Kimbley shut up. He had to admit it was sort of exciting. Maybe his previous words have been a bit too harsh.
"That's not comradeship, Colonel" he said.
"Oh. So you're getting the point." Archer commented "Say so: do what I ask you, and you could do what you want. Mess with me, and I'll fucking torture and humiliate you."
Kimbley's smile returned weird on his lips while his right hand held Archer's left arm "So... What if I kill you NOW, sir?"
Archer took his gun with his right hand and pressed the barrel on Kimbley's chest, calmly "Wanna see... Who is the quickest..?"
"Don't act cool, Colonel. I know you don't want to die."
"And you? Do you want to die?"
"No, I don't. But I can deal with it."
Archer removed the gun from his target "I need you. Really."
"Shit." laughed Kimbley "I think I need you too."

After these words, a now erect and smirking Archer made his move to yank Kimbley's hair from the back, to get the subordinate a little below from his point of view, and shifted forward.
Towering a little over Kimbley, "Okay, first things first. You should give your superior your sweet talk, now." hissed Archer into Kimbley's mouth. Kimbley was just smirking broader and broader by every second.
"My my, aren't we a little bulged at your southern areas, already, colonel, sir?"
Archer pulled the tail, hard, this time."Not that kind of sweet talk, if I remember correctly, you were giving good head, now, begin with undressing me in needed areas."
Cursing under his breath for the pain from being his hair pulled and being pushed more and more to the table, he trailed down his precious hands for the belt of the uniform from the sides of Archer's abdomen.
With fast, experienced moves, he undid the belt, undid the fly, and shoved down the trousers down. While doing this Archer was still holding onto his hair, and watching lazily to the Kimbley's spider-like long thin fingers. When Kimbley harshly pulled the hem of his boxers, and snapped it back, Archer gasped, bit back a moan and he let go of his death grip on Kimbley's hair.

"Oh, air is a miraculous thing, you know, sir?" Kimbley said, fervently, trying to reach forth for the ear of Archer's, and trailing down his hand through the boxers.
While Kimbley stroking his cock torturously slow, -oh god, that was fucking good-, "O-okay, now kneel down, oh, and suck me." Archer sputtered out.

..."Your order is law, colonel, sir"

After positioning himself between the legs of Archer, Kimbley reached for the head of the cock, and swirled his tongue a little at the very top. Indeed they were in public, but at 2 am nobody would walk in right on them,probably, he would extent the foreplay as much as he liked, and just the thought of they were in a freaking tent while there was war going on out there, distant noises of gunshots and screams made his eyes glint with lust and pleasure. He shifted under and started to lick his balls, while stroking hard and slow his cock.
Moving slowly to the top and stopping at certain areas guided by the voices of Archer was making, he felt Archer's hand atop of his head, pulling his hair again, and try to guide himself, thrusting his hips with each stroke Kimbley made by his mouth. dozed off by the passion, Archer was muffing some incoherent words, as the tempo of swallowing and sucking got faster, he could see his own white climax coming, and it was going to happen very soon.

"Oh..o-oooh, OH FUCK."

And these were the last words of Archer before he came. He felt that his weight was like a mere leaf, and stumbled over Kimbley, trying hard not to stumble on the table too. He heard swallowing sounds, and some additional licking.
"Ah a good good dog, that is what you are..hm.yes." Archer said, while petting Kimbley's hair.
"This is the second time you complimented me today, sir, I'm really flattered."

Kimbley stood up slowly, keeping his arms around Archer's bust, just like he was there to hold him up.
He caressed his chest with his face while standing up, then hesitate on his superior's neck, starting to kiss it gently.
His cock was incredibly hard. He was able to feel its pulses every time his lips touched Archer's skin.
Yeah, it feels good. Shit.
Suddenly Archer looked disappointed and when Kimbley tried to kiss him on his lips he stopped his face with his hand "What are you trying to do..?"
Kimbley felt stressed for the sudden prohibition "Guess..!"
"I don't want fucking kisses, you idiot. I'm not a faggot."
Kimbley's cock got harder "Ah, ah, I see. What is it, a sort of denial? You came in my mouth as fast as light. You enjoyed, it, sir. You enjoyed it and screamed as an old perfect bitch."
"Bitch..?" Archer smiled when he started to undo the Alchemist's pants "I'm going to let you hear how the screams of a bitch sound like..."
Kimbley smiled obscenely "Is it a threat... Or a promise?"
The Colonel grabbed him by his whips, forcing him in a doggy pose on the table "It will depend..." Archer started to test his sensivity with his fingers. He was able to feel Kimbley's body trembling for a moment "...I suppose it will hurt you, cutie."
"Go ahead, sir" Kimbley murmured "Make my day."
The Colonel smiled and continued his methodical stimulation around the anus and the perineum.
Kimbley was drooling his soul out "Oh, SHIT, sir... That's... That's fucking good..."
"I'm glad you like this little cookie, doggie." murmured Archer "When you are such an obedient good boy you also look cuter, you know..?"
"Don't fool me, Colonel... Ah..."
"What? Don't you think you are cute?" Archer's finger traced a sweet caress from Kimbley's anus to the head of his cock, then just a confident slap on his ass to give approvation "You are the cutest soldier I've ever had under my command."
"Shit, sir. Then you said you're not a fucking fag..."
"Let's say so, Kimbley" Archer lied on the Alchemist's back, then grabbed his cock and started to masturbate him from behind "I'm used to be a nice person when I deal with pretty girls."
"Ah... Shut the fuck up and stroke it... Nfh... Faster!"
"Sure I do, sweetie." Archer left two small kisses on his soldier's shoulders.
His body was muscular and thin at the same time. He was amused by the gentle lines and regular traces of his muscles. From the dominant position on the top he was able to enjoy the sight of his perfect body.
Maybe he was getting too much emotional about it.
Archer kissed him again near his neck closing his eyes.

"It's... IT'S COMING!" Kimbley yelled while his back adhered to Archer's chest and the pavements was stained of a dense good amount of warm sperm.

Archer raised a bit and Kimbley turned back on the table to watch his superior in the eyes "This was good, sir. But in the end you didn't fuck me as I deserved..."
"You're pretty tight, Lieutentant Colonel." Archer smiled "I didn't want to take everything I want from you at the first chance."
"Oh, I see. You're pretty dedicated, sir."
"You must be dedicated when you demand obedience."
"Nice." Kimbley lengthened his hands on Archer's shoulders, pulling him down aiming his lips.
"Again? I said I don't kiss men on their lips." Archer resisted.
"Fuck you, bastard. I demand more dedication. I'm not like your other dogs. I'm a pure breeded killing machine, the hell on earth, asshole."
Archer laughed. C'mon, it was fucking hiliarious.
"Laugh my ass. Kiss me, you shit Colonel. NOW."
"Right, right, I see" he smiled "I'll be a fag, for you. SOMETIMES."
Their lips met in a gentle and soft kiss. Just a first try to taste each other flavour.
The second try was deeper and harsher.

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