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Deadly In Perfection

because beauty isn't only skin deep

Deadly Dolls
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

We are currently accepting applications.

Go ahead and apply...you know you want to.

The Basics:

Deadly Dolls is a true rating community based on a numeric grading system, scoring several aspects of the prospective member's application, instead of the application as a whole. (more details below).

Who Are The Dolls?

The Deadly Dolls are the members of our community. Originality, strength of mind, body and soul, open-mindedness, beauty no matter what form it may come in and loyality are all attributes The Dolls must possess.

What Does This Community Have To Offer?

For one, we're not your run-of-the-mill rating community. On LiveJournal, we're innovative and we're something you should definately be a part of. We offer activities such as:
  • Rate prospective member's applications. That's right. You could make or break them.
  • Discussions every week on new topics. Let your voice be heard.
  • Weekly contests, win and get rewarded.
  • Member of the Month. Score enough points by being the most active and get rewarded.
  • Scavanger Hunts, just for fun.
  • Surveys, because narcissim can be a beautiful thing.
If you didn't want to join, you'd have to be a fucking idiot!

Who Can Apply?

You must meet the following criteria in order to apply:

x You must be 15 years old, or older.

x You must have a real journal. By real, I mean, it's your actual, personal journal. Not your community journal. Also, those with only communities or more communities than friends listed will automatically be removed.

x You must have had your journal for more than one month to prove that you're a real person.

other than that, anyone else may apply

Note: You will be checked out to make sure you meet all of the requirements. If you do not, your application will be removed, and you will be banned.

How Do I Apply?

Click on the link below titled "application". Complete the entire application, and click "submit". You will be re-directed to another page where your HTML code will be located. Copy the entire code, past into an entry to be posted into this journal. All that's left will be the voting.

When posting your pictures, please make sure that it's the correct URL. If it is not, it will cancel out your entire app. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Do I Have To Promote The Community?

Yes. Your promotions show your dedication to this community as well as interest prospective members in Deadly Dolls. Thus, you are required to promote the community in atleast three places and provide the links with your application. You can also gain Bonus Points on your application by promoting us in more than three places (up to 2 extra promotions). For doing so, your application will receive an automatic 1 pt per extra promotion, not to exceed 2 pts per vote (this means that if you do your bonus promotions, the extra points will automatically be calculated into the member's vote.) If you fail to promote this community, your application will be deleted and you will be banned from this community.

FYI: You will find the codes for our promotional banners below. These are for your use, so get out there and promote us!

How Will My Application Be Scored?

The application is split into 4 different categories - Appearance (based on photos you submit), Tastes (based on "favorites" lists), Personality (based on short-answer questions), and Opinions (essay questions). Each section is worth a possible 10 points, for a combined total of 40. Appearance is subjective, the member voting will rate each of your photos from 1 to 10 and your score will be the average. For Tastes, the member will select from your list the things they share your affinity for or think fit with your personality that you're presenting, and your score is calculated based on how closely your tastes match those of the member (the more things that they like, the higher the score). For Personality, you answer 10 questions about yourself, and the member decides whether or not each answer is indicative of a personality that would mesh well with the community. And for Opinions, you express your feelings on 10 hot discussion topics. Your score for opinions is NOT based on how closely your opinions match those of the member rating you, but instead, how well you argued your point. Once your score has been calculated for each category, if the combined total is more than 30, that counts as a "Yes" vote from that member. 29 or less is a "No" vote. After the all participating members have posted their votes, whether or not you're accepted is decided by simple majority.

FYI: You will know whether you've been accepted or rejected within 5 days of posting your application.

interested in becoming a deadly doll? be sure to check out the rules below!

Applicant's Rules:

1) You must first join the community. After doing so, your name will be placed on the pending application list. You must post your application within 3 days of joining.
2) The subject line of your application entry must read: New Applicant.
3) Your application link must be the only thing that appears in your post.
4) You must complete the entire application (and please, be original! be yourself!).
5) Do not talk like a fucking idiot. If you don't know how to use proper english, don't bother applying.
6) You must promote in atleast 3 places and provide the links on your application.
7)DO NOT REPLY TO MEMBER'S COMMENTS/VOTES! Do not start drama within this community, because you'll seriously regret it. We're a tough crowd to please. So, if you can't take criticism, don't even bother applying.
8) Do not vote, post anything other than your application nor participate in any community activities until you have been stamped for approval by a mod.
9) If you are rejected by this community, you will automatically be banned. Do not start drama, and do not insult The Dolls. Once again, you will regret it.

Breaking any of the above rules will result in your application being deleted from this community and you will be banned.

Member's Rules:


1) You may only vote once per application.
2) To vote on a new applicant:
  • Click the link listed on their post
  • Rate the application as it's listed in the instructions on the side of the application page.
  • Once you've rated the application, click the "score" button
  • You will be re-directed to a new page that has your results and an HTML code. Take that HTML code and past it in a comment on the applicant's post.

3) You are to leave your results only in a comment on the application entry.
4) If the applicant scored a 30 or above after you've rated their entire application, your vote is counted as a Yes. If the overall score was 29 or below, your vote is counted as a No.
5) You are to title the comment with either Yes or No depending on the overall score you have given them.
6) You are to leave the numeric results in the comment.
7)You are to also leave several reasons why you liked/disliked their application by using the + or - system.

FYI: DO NOT base your votes entirely on how much they are like you! Haven't you ever heard the old saying "Variety is the spice of life?" We want a dynamic group of people in this community. Base your votes on how well you think they would fit into this community and how much you liked how they presented themselves to you. Got it?


1) All members are to stay active within this community at all times. This means, participate by voting, taking a part in the community activities, posting and interacting with your fellow Dolls.
2) If you are going to be inactive for any reason for any period of time, you are to leave a comment in the hiatus listing so the mods will be informed of your abscence.
3) If you plan on leaving the community for any reason, you are required to make a post in the community stating that you are leaving and for what reason. By doing this, you will be auto-accepted back into the community if you choose to return within 1 year.
4) Inactivity, for the duration of 1 month without a hiatus or leaving post will result in being removed from this community and banned if seen fit. You will be placed on the booted member's list. If you choose to come back to the community, you are to reapply. You will have to be accepted again in order to remain a member.


1) Once accepted, you may post within the community.
2) All lengthy posts, pictures, community surveys, anything that may be offensive to other members and community promotions should be placed behind a livejournal cut.
3) Nudity or offensive material is permitted, but must be behind a livejournal cut set as a warning. Ex: Not Work Safe. Click If You Dare.
4) Quizzes are not permitted. Save those for your own journal.
5) You may promote a community, but it has to be a community that you, yourself have created and/or moding or an affiliate community.
6) You may post anything else, unless a mod feels it is inappropriate for the community, in which case, we will remove from the journal.


1) Breaking any of the above rules will result in a warning .
2) You will receive only 5 warnings before you will removed from the community and banned. There is no coming back. You're fucked.


Points a rewarded to members for activity within the community. The following are instances in which you can receive points. The amount of points you can receive is also listed.
  • 2 pts: Personally referring a prospective member to this community (not counting promo banners). You will receive 2 more pts if they are accepted into the community (bringing you a total for 4 pts for that applicant). Note: They are required to list your user name on their application. If they do not do so, you will not receive your points.
  • 1 pt: For every scavenger hunt you complete.
  • 1 pt: For every entry you post in the community. (excluding promos)
  • 1 pt: For every weekly contest you enter, regardless of whether you win or lose.
  • 1 pt: For every community promotion you do and provide the link to prove it.
  • 1/2 pt: For every application you vote on.
You can check on your points here.

Want to know what you can get for your points?

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