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Did a lil promoting

I just did a little promoting over at a couple of community-promotion pages repping for the DDolls and horrorgoredolls, which I'm just mentioning because it's starting up and might be worth sistering with, if you're interested!.

Thought I might do a little catch up post :)

I've been arguing a lot with my girlfriend recently, which has really sucked and pretty much ruined any smiling I was planning on doing this weekend, but things seem to be all good again. Well, we've stopped bitching and just need to get back in the habbit of being happy together again.

Aside from that I'm also flat broke! Haha, bloody student lifestyle. It's a real shame since there's so much I want to do, but it's cool- being broke means I'll be staying in and getting more work done, which is probably just as well since I've got hundreds of deadlines knocking at my door! And I've ignored a few already eeep!

Anyway, that's most of what I've been up to. I just can't wait for the weekend: I've got the Ink n Iron Tattoo & CUSTOM BIKE show (pre-paid for months ago!!) on Sunday and I leave for home on the Monday, which means I can enjoy some of my mother's cooking instead of my usual fish & pasta combo, don't have many expenses to worry about and can even go jobhunting!! Haha wish me luck?

Yes, I am bored, how did you know?!?

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