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Bored with wanking?

Masterbation. That staple of sexuality. Whether in a relationship or not it's pretty much a given that almost everyone has a hand in their pants at some times.

I'm young have a high sex drive, and have yet to be in a relationship that fully sates that. So yeah, it's pretty much a daily thing for me.

But after you get out of your teens and the novel fun of self orgasm wanes (as i've probably been doing it for around 10 years now), it often becomes routine. A first thing in the morning / last thing at night kind of deal.

And then you find yourself in the situation where you will masterbate EVEN IF YOU ARE DERIVING NOT PARTICULAR PLEASURE FROM IT. The other night i hadn't orgasmed for a coupla days so i settled in before going to bed and - nothing. My mental images were dull. The physicality of my body couldn't really be bothered. The end was achieved with no satisfaction in particular and i went to sleep.

So, anyone else bored with wanking?
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My apologies you wondrous dolls, for I have been admittedly busy and have had little time to eat, sleep or piss. But alas, I know none of you wanted to know that. LoL. Sorry. So, yeah, things have been boring, however, I would STILL love to get this community back up and running. I would like some input, from our lovely dolls, for some ideas on HOW to get this community back up and running. I would ALSO like to see some promotions. I hope everyone had a special holiday, and didn't kill anyone for being stupid over the holiday, as well.

Also, any interesting topic posts would be great. I haven't had time to stay up on politics or shows or whatever...Or how about our very own, skunkanunka and his fire twirling? How are our dolls doing? Let's atleast attempt to make this wonderful community something it used to be...
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MOD post

So I went caving. Fun fun. And I've gone the past 2 weekends. I'm going this weekend too. My lil man has his first tooth! I'll post some pictures of the caves, later. When my trains aren't wrecked. ah...yeah.

My waterbed sprung a leak. Thought you'd like to know that.

I have 5 pussies fighting in my house as well. Oops, make that 7. Um...Promoting would be nice. COnversational posts would be intriguing. For instance, did you guys hear that they're attempting to ban abortions? AH, that's all I got right now.
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hello fellow dolls....

So I wanted to apologize for not being around as much as I used to. This semester is a royal kick to me. But I will be posting pictures probably tomorrow, I have a halloween night at the bar so it should be good. I hope you are all well and that your individual lives are blossoming.