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Beauty is the Most Deadly Weapon

Revel in it

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This is a rating community, nothing new or different about the concept of that.

1. When applying, be prepared to take some criticism. If you can't take it, don't apply, and if you get it, don't cry and bitch to the person because you got it. In applying, you are asking for it. Once you join, you must post your application within 24 hours, or you will be removed. Post your application as "Weapon of Choice" to show that you have read the rules. Use an LJ-cut. Once you have posted your application, you cannot comment or post anything else (unless, of course, it is in response to a person's vote on YOUR application) until you are accepted. You must wait 48 hours to be accepted or rejected after you have posted your application, at which point all votes will be tallied up - majority rules. If you are rejected, you can re-apply after seven days. If you are rejected again, that is all.
2. No nudity in the photos.
3. Members: when voting,be as honest as you like. Age is not a reason to say no. When giving a no vote, please give a valid reason.
4. You may post just about anything after you have been accepted.
5. Promoting other communities is mildly tolerated, after you have been accepted but try not to get too out of hand. Also, if you're going to promote another community to us, you can return the favor by promoting US to the other community.
6. Piss the mods off enough and you're out. Anything I personally do not like will be deleted. If you do not follow the rules stated here, then you will also be kicked out of the community. If your application is not under an Lj Cut, it will be deleted and you can just... forget about it. You will be warned first, and if you do not fix the problem, you will then be removed from the community.

The Application:
1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Location:
4. Name 3+ Bands/Artists:
5. Name 3+ Books/Authors:
6. What do you like about your body the most?:
7. What do you dislike the most?:
8. Pet Peeves?:
9. What qualities would make you a good asset to _deadly_beauty_?:
10. Promote to at least one person's journal or another community and provide a link:
11. Say something random:
12. Three or more pictures, at least 2 showing your face completely (Your hair cannot be covering half of your face, no sunglasses *normal glasses are perfectly fine, of course*, masks, whatever)

The moderator:
Lauryn (plasticcherries)


(Just copy/paste this code.)

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