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[icon] Hay Babehs - Dance Dance
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Current Music:WAGH!
Subject:Hay Babehs
Time:02:05 pm
Current Mood:soresore
Guess who got a grasp on PARANOiA KCET on Heavy?

My grandma.

No, it's me, I assure you.

Also, I've a storyyyyy. :D

Let's see, last weekend when I was visiting my older sister in Tampa, we went to the moviesto see Serenity (good movie btw) and of course, what would a cinema be without DDR?

A cruddy one, duh.

ANYWAY. As soon as these two little girls were done, I jump on that baby (DDR Extreme). Put my 3 tokens in, and start off with the most obvious choice if you were my DDR buddy, A. Heavy.

I give it my all, and it turns out I finish with X PErfect, X Great, 1 GOOD, 0 ALMOST and 1 BOO.

2 IMPERFECTIONS SHORT OF A AA. So I got an A instead.

Moving on, I try my luck at PARANOiA KCet on Heavy, barely pass it, am outta breath, try to do Ska a Go Go on Standard, but failed due to short breath from PARANOiA.

Ugh, I'm about to burst right now *dies* for a reason I care not to share.
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Time:2005-10-09 10:01 pm (UTC)
Weird...sounds exactly like my anti-homecoming party this weekend.
A bunch of us went to the mall to watch (guess what,) SERENITY! Then, I play DDR, and hand about 47 asses to various people. I'm apparently one of the top in the county...

I did (all on heavy)
Rhythm & Police
Healing Vision
Heaven is a '57 metallic Grey
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Time:2005-10-12 07:34 pm (UTC)
Myaaah. That's amazing.

I still get outta breath doing Healing Vision on heavy. But hey, cool coincedence and congrats on the ass handings <3
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[icon] Hay Babehs - Dance Dance
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