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Hey there! The name's Catherine and I'm brand spankin new to the community! Here's my application! PLEEZ READ! :3

Name: Catherine, or Stumpy (your choice. I also accepct 'Kyo's LOVER' :3)
Age: The BIG one six! Yup, 16. Soon to 17 in September! w00t!
Location: Cincinnati OHIO! *waves to keaton-chan*
Favorite Mix: Ultramix for Xbox, or just Extreme. Anything's fine! *hugs arcade machine*
System: XBox and Playstation and N64
Can I have it?: No..but you can play them WITH me!  *goes rabid and hugs XBox*
When did this Obses..I mean HOBBY start?: Last year, in christmas of 2003.  It's been a while. But that's OK, obessesion's are COMPLETELY NORMAL! *breaks out of straight jacket*
Other Hobbies?: DIVING! SOFTBALL! SWIMMING! GUYS IN SPEEDOS!! *blush* I-I MEAN, *ahem* Any  video game is cool too! Like Kingdom Hearts, Zelda, AND HALO!
Drug Habits: I'm in pride with Keaton-chan! HUGS NOT DRUGS!
Level: Heavy! AND PROUD OF IT! I worked so hard! *tears of detirmination* ;_;
Important bits: I love to talk. If you wanna talk, I'll talk with you.  I go to the mall with Keaton-chan a lot! HI KEATON! *waves* We're a couple of lonely DDR chicks. WE DDR GIRLS MUST STICK TOGETHER! WE WILL DOMINATE THE DDR FANDOM! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH-*cough cough* Hysterical laughter..Not cool. Um..that's about it. I'm really tall, and keaton's really short. I'm 5'91/2 and keaton is 5'2. Yeah, so I'm tall. WHO CARES! Tall people need love too ;_;  Anywhoo, that's about it! Um...The end? :3


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