Glory Annielis (goddessanadora) wrote in _ddr_,
Glory Annielis

So uh... I'm kinda bored so I feel like posting what I can pass at the moment and what I'm trying to get....

Level: Standard/Heavy
Can pass (standard): Exotic Ethnic, Orion.78 (Civilization Mix), A, Abyss, .59, 321 Stars (x1.5), Last Message, Pink Rose, Mahou No Tobria, Hyper Eurobeat, Nori Nori Nori, Burning Heat, Happy Wedding, I Do I Do I Do,
Can pass (heavy, all x2 speed): Spin the Disc, Colours (for extreme)

Trying (standard): Holic, Cartoon Heros, Paranoia (Eternal, Survivor), Afronova, Absolute, AM-3P, Healing Vision (Angelic Mix), few others but I can't remember them right now.
Trying (Heavy, x2): Candy ♥, just about any 7- or 8-footer...

Yeah. Anyone have any advice as to help improving?

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