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Hello, I joined the community quite some time ago but have long been silent. I recently moved to Nashville, and the slew of newly available machines has rekindled my interest in DDR. That's where my problem starts. When I quit I feel I was at my skill cap. I was AA'ing pretty much everything at 9 feet or below, passing all 10's except for psmo, and AAA'ing about 5 of the easiest pa songs (love shine, love sugar, all those 7 footers).

Now it's been almost a year since I played, and as you'd probably figure my skill has dropped considerably. At the 8 foot and below range you'd never notice, I perform about the same on them as I always did, but at 9's, I can no longer even pass. The problem is my stamina; my lungs just give out on me, sometimes even burn. My heart rate is frantic and I sometimes feel light headed. I end up just quitting halfway through, instantly going from a FC to failing.

So I've got two questions, and I'm hoping that perhaps one of you knows more about fitness than me and can answer them.

1) Is there any way to quickly regain my stamina (I'm assuming it can be referred to as my cardiovascular health) back up in a timely manner, besides the obvious playing DDR more often?

2) Is it dangerous to be pushing myself so hard when I'm no longer used to it? I've heard of runners high (it was probably the only thing that enabled me to pass Legend of Max) and that it can be very dangerous. Are there any reports of anyone ever overdoing DDR?

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