December 4th, 2005


first ddr game in forever!

I played my first game of DDR for at least two months now. I've been playing a lot of ITG since the machine is closer to school and it's... better. But still, there were some things I just wanted to do in DDR for a long time.


Kind Lady (5)
.59 (6) my previous best was like 15 lol
Look To The Sky (True Colors Mix) (2)
Spin The Disc (3)
My Summer Love (4)


Freckles (lol)
Kakumei (Challenge/Oni)

Other Stuff:

Finally passed MaxX Unlimited. Last time I tried I failed 4 times at the same part, the last 3-4 arrows. :\ This time I passed with an A and like 11 b.s. pad misses because our DDR pads are reaaally shitty.
AA'd Max 300 with 33 Greats and a miss. I always fuck up the purple/green notes at the end.

That's about it... thanks if you read all this crap! :)