August 20th, 2005

(no subject)

Ok not ddr related. Just weird. Some person, oceans_echo, posted this on a community on my friend list, and it's just...I didn't think people like this actually existed.

HeY uM I dUn wAnna b RuDe or Ne ThInG bUt dIs CoMmUnIty Is KiNdA pOintLeSs lIke cuz y hAv iT WheN aLl u LoT r BeIn ToTaL fReAkS n I'M nOt SAYin DaT 2 b MeAn JzT tRuThFul Cuz u LoT lOoK lIkE ToTaL LoSeRz BuT u DuN hAv 2 b I mEan If u LiKe go 2 schOol LiKe dAt ur So goNnA gEt BaShEd n StUff n I mEaN WeLl U'd DeSeRve It But U pRob Dun KnO ThEy GoNna Do ThAt BuT I'M jzt HeRe Cuz NoNe oF u Hav EvA PrOb HaD fRiEnDs n DaTz y U LOt DrEsS n LoOk LiKe WeIrDos N StUfF cUz No-OnE'Ll b Ya FrIeNd bUt iF u WaNt FrIeNdz u JzT goTtA liKe lEaRn 2 LiSteN 2 PrOpeR MuSiC DaTz KeWl n WeAr KeWl CloThEs n ppl'Ll ThInK yA mOrE nOrMal n U'Ll mAkE fRiEnDs If u GeT A LiKe reAl stYlE nOt jzt BeIn DuMb so YeA Im Jzt LeTtiN yA'lL kNo Coz LiKe WheN u GeT 2 ScHoOl u'Ll b LiKe HATed n On dA sTreEtz So Im Jzt BeIn NiCe n All u ShUd LeArn 2 b LiKe KeWl pPl n a BiT mOrE nOrmAl n U'LL mAkE fRieNdS n WoN'T Be NiGelAtEd FrEeeAkz,

So YeH...