July 24th, 2005

kozeXvyn yay <3


I've finally passed B4U on Heavy with a decent score. First time I did it, I got a D, but it was beginner's luck as I was madly guessing when I was on foot.

Now with further master of crossovers and such, I passed with a C.

I need a camera to like, take pictures of me mixin' it up. But the closest thing I have to a digicam is a camera phone, and I'm buttraped for space with them damn Mp3 ringtones I keep stored. X__X

Was playin' my PS2 extreme the other day, Nonstop Mode on the controller and did DJ Battle on Difficult. Passed it with a AA, 1080 Combo with x1.5 and boost. The songs were

312STARS, Peace Out, Bad Routine and Frozen Ray ~for Extreme~

Haha, now if I could only put that much effort into my footwork.

Now with A, Sana Morette Ne Ente, Absolute and B4U under my belt, what 8 footer should I conquer next?
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What are you favorite songs to dance to?

I'd say mine would be (in no order):

1. "You're Not Here" Heavy.
2. "Tsugaru" Heavy.
3. "Holic" Heavy.

That's about all I can think of off my head.

"You're Not Here" is fun because its steps are somewhat unique - I especially like the beginning, where there's a heavy use of freeze arrows paired with a lot of other things. It just works. I also like the gallop parts as well, and the song itself is just a good song.

"Tsugaru" is obvious for anyone who's played it. It just has a nice rhythm and the long strings of gallops is just fun and the steps are so perfectly matched to the song.

"Holic" has some crazy although easy (once you get them) steps. At this point I think if I really pushed myself I could A star or AA this song. I've gotten about a 200 hundred combo on it before anyway. Again, the steps follow the beat almost exactly which is something I seem to love with songs (I don't like Chaos! Chaos bad!) Fun song to dance to.