July 11th, 2005


mi nome es nessuno!

Name, Age, & location? Efun, 16, Portland, OR (a suprisingly huge hub for ddr players)
What's your favorite mix? Home- MAX or MAX2. I hate Extreme and 5th. Arcade- Any!
What system do you have? PS2. Oh, and an SNES. :D
Can I have it? NO!
When did this obses..I mean hobby start? Last summer. Actually, in a few weeks it's my one year anniversary.
Other hobbies? Anything music related. Gaming. Food. Romance.
Drug habits (alcohol is a drug)? None, though I do have fairly frequent acid flashbacks. (i'm actually kind of hoping that i get one during ddr XD)
What level are you at? Heavy. I've only cleared 3 tens: Max300, bag, and Sakura. I'm working on Paranoia Survivor.