July 8th, 2005

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Just thought i'd ask....

Well, i'm on heavy and challenge, now the only thing is i've beaten Bag with 1.5 speed mod on. I know i know, its not much to be proud of but hey its good for a little confidence boost. Anyhow my problem lately has been Max.... yeah Max 300, Maxx Unlimited, Legend of Max, i mean you name it i've tried it. With all of them i've encountered the same problem, endurance. I'm just wondering for those of you out there that have made it past this point, let me know how long it took you guys to work up to sufficient endurance to beat these demons on heavy mode. I've gotten past half on Max 300 and barely to half on the other two. Again, its not the difficulty of the steps, its just i get tired and die half way through the song.
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(no subject)

Name, Age, & location? Mitchell Grant Smith, 18, Bismarck, ND.
What's your favorite mix? DDR Extreme.
What system do you have? PS2.
Can I have it? Hell no.
When did this obses..I mean hobby start? December of last year. It's been 7 months.
Other hobbies? Writing, reading, listening to music, video games.
Drug habits (alcohol is a drug)? I'm morally uptight about drugs. I'll never take any.
What level are you at? I can do a lot of songs on Heavy. Mainly it's the Maxes that I struggle with. I'm good but I want to get a lot better. I've passed "Drop Out" on Heavy, passed "Healing Vision (Angelic Mix)" on Heavy with a D, passed "So Deep" on Heavy just barely (and I felt like I was improvising the whole damn time, too). Passed all of the maxes on Standard, basically, usually an A or B on 'em.
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(no subject)

WELL WELL WELL.... i just now got back from the arcade, ummm after posting that message earlier i had to go play some.... I BEAT SAKURA!!!!!!!!!!! my first 10 footer without any mods whats so ever. Man that thing kicked my ass like five times before i got it but i got it. Thanks for the previous advice by the way i'll sure be trying those things from now on. But now that Sakura is in the bag i'll just keep trying the Maxes, i almost got through Max 300 tonight but then encountered the same problem as before....(my fat ass starting to faint in the process)
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Metal Pads

I recently bought some metal pads and they finally arrived in the mail a day ago. I've played for about 7 months, and most of the time it's been spent on soft pads. I've played a bit at the arcade between all these months, but that's about it for metal pads.

I'm so used to soft pads that having shoes on makes it so much harder to move quickly and get my steps accurately. I'm struggling and it's very frustrating, but I vow not to give up. Hopefully, with enough practice on it, I'll get better on metal pads.

Anyone have any tips as to DDRing on metal pads? Anyone had to get used to metal pads just like I am right now? It sure isn't fun, I can say that much. I end up wanting to just use my soft pad again.
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