June 18th, 2005

Recent achievements, if any of you care. =)

I've been playing since Christmas. Tell me if this is good progress or not.

Songs that I have recently passed that I haven't been able to for a long while:
Drop Out (heavy)
Bag (3x. heavy. not sure why it's 10 feet. probably cause you cant read it without speed mods. i cant, anyway.)
Can't Stop Fallin In Love (speed mix heavy)
Butterly (oni)
Waka Laka (heavy)
Sakura (oni)
Tsugaru Apple Mix (oni)
Afronova (heavy)
Break Down (heavy)
Cartoon Heroes (heros? heavy)
Healing Vision Angelic Mix (heavy)
Max 300 (standard)
MaxX Unlimited (standard)
Witch Doctor (heavy i absolutely hate this song. it should definitely be 10 feet, not 8. at least i think so. =x)

I AAA'd LoveShine on Heavy, I AA'd My Summer Love heavy, no speed mods, AA'd Sexy Planet, the challenge one, and Hysteria, the challenge one. I forget if they have special mix names or not. =x

I want your guys' opinion: What is the hardest song on DDR Extreme?
Everyone around here says MaxX Unlimited or Paranoia Survivor Max Oni. What do you think?
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