May 28th, 2005

T-Shirt Hell

Destination ImagiNation

Hey all. Teh king DeeDeeAre is here again.
Right now, I'm in Knoxville for my sister's DI (Destination ImagiNation) global finals.
It's sooooooo awesome to see people posting again.
I likes it when the peoples posts.
Comment, just for the sake of it.
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    Six Flags Theme Song-Only WITH the words this time...

new machine... ddr? nope

at the arcade i usually attend to play ddr just got a new machine in. they used to have max2, extreme, and 5th mix, but they got rid of max2 and replaced it with some other game. i forget the name, but i was just wondering if anyone has come across the same thing. here's a list of it's features:

1) it has an expert mode
2) you have to hit 3 or 4 arrows at the same time
3) it has bombs with the arrows that come up and if you hit them they explode and i dont know what they do.

there are more features than that, but i was basing the above info on my spectating, because i ran out of cash to play. i think it has the word "groove" in it.. generic dance game name. i'm thinking it's american, but it looks like fun.