May 25th, 2005

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Name, Age, & location? Ever, 23 (yes i know i'm old ><) covington, GA (minutes from Atlanta)
What's your favorite mix? 8th
What system do you have? playstation 2
Can I have it? umm, well let me ask my gf, she said maybe but we need cookies, lots of them. we have 2 PS2 ^^
When did this obses..I mean hobby start? early this year, been playing 3 hours a day for about 3 months now.
Other hobbies? anime, manga, video games (RPGs and racing) traveling, extreme sports, adrenalyne rush, Meghan ^^, anything that grabs my attention for more than 10 seconds has a chance at becoming a hobby.
Drug habits (alcohol is a drug)? Well there is this one thing.... oh wait water is not a drug, nvm then i'm clean c.c
What level are you at? Heavy
**Any other important bits of info you would like to give.**
Well, nothing really, except that the back of my neck is itchy for some reason, it could be that i'm sick or maybe that i'm allergic to something or it very well could just be that i'm dirty. Oh well, the worl will never know *runs to the bathroom and takes a bath*....(half hour later) ok, much better, yeah i was just dirty. umm, i was reading through the requirements here... i want cookies *looks around for cookies* and in exchange i'll give you guys hugs *opens up arms* anyhow, well this is me, i hope i'm worthy.
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Name: mike
Age: 17
Location: groton, ma
What's your favorite mix? Extreme
What system do you have? PS2 and Xbox
Can I have it? not till they break
When did this obses..I mean hobby start? a couple years ago when my brother brought over the third mix and the disney mix.  we played it all night and into the next day.  i was never any good at it till about a couple months in.  i got the hang of it and am now into challenge mode.
Other hobbies? making web pages for people and programming
Drug habits (alcohol is a drug)? i wouldn't call them habits..
What level are you at? heavy/challenge

I put in this application a couple months ago, then lost my internet.  so i thought i'd just renew my application to get back in, if i was in in the first place.  i now have a web cam and can take pictures of me playing in my room.. ddr pictures can be quite amusing.. especially when i screw up.
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I've already been here for a bit but I figured I'd fill out an application anyway.

Name, Age, & location? Glory (I'm picky about giving out my real name), 16, California
What's your favorite mix? Probably 8th. I like all the mixes about equally
What system do you have? I don't have any myself; I either play Extreme at the arcade or at my boyfriend's house. I wanna get a PS2, Red Octane pads and Max 2 though.
Can I have it? If you wanta bunch of air, sure XD
When did this obses..I mean hobby start? About a year ago, I have a friend who's been doing it for a while and watching him made me want to try.
Other hobbies? Drawing, swimming, writing, hanging out with friends, going out to the coast, taking long drives (given I have the gas for them), the internets
Drug habits (alcohol is a drug)? None, though I do tend to drink at least one can of Mountain Dew a day (usually only on school days, since I'm too lazy to go get some on the weekends XD)
What level are you at? Standard, started getting to Heavy recently. I can pass 3-7 songs, though I can't remember them off the top of my head at the moment.

Er... yeah.
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ooooo i just couldnt believe this...

My girlfriend and I decided to go to a local arcade, we found out that they had 2 DDR mixes there so we drove 45 minutes to get to it. We got there and were very please with what we found, not only were the two machines in top condition, but there was no one there but us, and thats not the best part yet, a dollar gives you 2 credits!!!!! and each credit gives you 4 songs!!!! i mean you cant beat that! anyhow, have fun all..

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Hey all. Started my own DDR community 'cause well... I'm a dork. La~ ddr_united.

Signed up at DDRecall lately too (you can post all your scores there for everything and whatnot, which is cool. It's almost like MySpace for DDR), though I haven't played in a few days so I don't have any scores to post... owell. It'll be cool seeing exactly where I'm improving/lacking when I finally start recording said scores XD

Currently trying to pass Candy (heart and star) on Heavy, TwinBee on Standard, Max 300 on Standard and a few others. Those are my tops at the moment.

I'll probably go waste about 5 more dollers of my life in the DDRExtreme machine here this weekend. Roffle.
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